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FlowLighting Inferno - Million Color LED UB Kit

Sorry, this product is no longer available.

Millions of colors and patterns, all controllable at the push of a button - with the FlowLighting Inferno LED Underbody Kit, you don't just have a funky lighting system, you have a state of the art high-tech light show that'll be the talk of the street.

Forget traditional 'glass' neon underbody kits that cost thousands - the FlowLighting Inferno LED Underbody Kit produces virtually unlimited combinations of colors and fancy patterns, showing multiple colors at a time on each tube, and all with less heat, less battery drain, lower maintenance costs, a much brighter glow, and an amazingly low purchase price.

The remote also controls the music interface that is built into every Inferno kit controller, allowing you to step outside your car and control the whole show - wirelessly. The kit also includes a remote display that shows the current state of the lights so you can see what the status is from anywhere.

Freeze the pattern any time you choose, or pick from 10 normal patterns, 10 music patterns, and 10 speeds - this is FlowLighting's most advanced underbody kit to date, and it's a top seller on

This top-notch underbody car lighting kit comes with a super-thin nine button infrared remote control that places every feature of your underbody kit at your fingertips, and with its super bright LEDs, accurate spacing and high quality craftsmanship, the Inferno kit produces the brightest and most vivid colors in its class.

The FlowLighting Inferno LED Underbody Kit includes the following features:
- 7 normal colors, 7 ground colors, 10 multi color changes
- Million color and 42 multi-color combination changing
- 9-key super thin infrared remote control
- 10 normal display modes
- 10 speeds for normal display modes
- 10 music display modes
- Paused 'freeze frame' option
- Remote can select microphone or line-in music source
- 64 levels of music sensitivity
- Auto loop demo at power on
- Digital remote display
- Mode memory feature
- Demonstration mode

Kit Contents
- 2x 4 foot tubes
- 2x 3 foot tubes
- 1x Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
- 1x Remote display
- 2x Remote control handset (1 extra in case you lose one)
- 1x Power supply wire
- 1x Line-in audio wire
- All necessary mounting hardware

But there's more! Don't forget the pause, memory, and demo features:

PAUSE FEATURE: When you find that perfect color combo, press the pause button. Everything will "freeze". Press it again, and the Inferno kit goes back to dazzling colors and patterns.

MEMORY FEATURE: The Inferno kit is smart. It remembers everything it is doing just before you turn it off. So when you turn it on again, it goes right back to your favorite pattern, speed, and colors.

DEMO MODE: Want to break some necks? This is perfect for car shows. Just press the "pause" button for a few seconds and the Inferno kit will cycle through a show-stopping demo mode.

New and improved mounting hardware

All FlowLighting underbody kits come with beefy mounting hardware. These cable ties have a death grip. Mounting Hardware

And of course you are covered by a 1 year warranty

A one-year limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. In the rare case a part is defective, just shoot us an email and we will make it right.

Isn't it time you turned your ride into a car show-ready lighting explosion? Get your FlowLighting Inferno LED Underbody Kit from today!

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Inferno Kits Assume

Reviewer: Tre' (Norwood, NC)
Item: FlowLighting Inferno

My First Underbody Kit. after searching for years. Oznium finally answered my prayers by providing great quality products. This KIT is the best I have ever seen. Great around park light time and mesmerizing at night. JAW DROPPING you have to get one.


Reviewer: Keith (Clovis, CA)
Item: FlowLighting Inferno

What a cool product! I installed it before going to a night time car show and got a trophy for Best Lighting Overall out somewhere around 100 vehicles. I've been putting lights on the car for over 4 years now, and this is by far the most flashy and complex. It would be nice to have better instructions on the remote and pattern functions, but it's not that hard to figure out.

Wow! Now this is a kit!

Reviewer: Robert Supiran (Winter Haven, FL)
Item: FlowLighting Inferno

I just installed this kit yesterday and WOW! Super easy install, and everything works great! The colors are so bright, and the music mode is awesome! A+ I'll definitely be ordering more products in the near future! Thanx Oznium!

FlowLighting Inferno Kit

Reviewer: Thomas A Strawn (Loogootee, IN)
Item: FlowLighting Inferno

Absolutely love this kit!! They are by far a brighter LED Kit than "the other guys" kits. Plus all the potions you get from the ECU. Amazing!
Install was a little time consuming. But I am somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to detail. By no means was it due to any of the kit's design.
My '11 xB looks awsome at night and my club members will agree!
Keep up the good work Oznium!!

Inferno is Great!

Reviewer: Aaron Pickard (Coupeville, WA)
Item: FlowLighting Inferno

First of all, I love Oznium. compared to every other company related to Lighting, you are the best. some don't care whether you have a broken product or not, Oznium is different. and they care.
I bought one of these, put them on my car. and they are amazing. the controls are a little difficult to use, (could use a better remote) not 24 hours later, someone cuts me off and I run into a curb, Shattering 2 lights and ripping out all of the wiring. Yeah, Idiot i know. but after talking to a rep and getting a new one. (unfortunately I had to pay for the stupid kids fault) I bought a new one and could not be more happy. other than the control issue, I love this product. everyone I know loves my car.

Multi color.
Pulses to sound.
amazing spread. (kind of like a flood light)
Programmed functions are cool
easy to install
Oznium customer service.

ECU is not solid (or mine was not)
controls hard to control.

Whatever your lighting needs, Oznium is boss

Buying second kit

Reviewer: Dewy (Bryan, OH)
Item: FlowLighting Inferno

I have had this kit for a long time.. the kit out lived the car I put them on. I had bought this kit back in 2006 and just last year sold the kit to a co-worker and now I'm looking to buy anouther kit. My friend still has the kit I sold him and here 4 years after I frist bought them they are still living and working great. Never had to replace anything on the kit.

Great Product

Reviewer: James M Bartley (Florence, KY)
Item: FlowLighting Inferno

I installed this kit on my 07 grand prix gt a few months ago. I had some problems recently with the kit and Oznium was very nice and replaced the broken items for free! Other then the minor problems I've had, this kit is amazing! It shipped very quickly and is bright as hell! Everyone asked me where i got it from and i had to tell them this website! Now ive got a friend buying the exact same kit!

With a quickness.

Reviewer: Christian(06eclipseGS) (El Paso, TX)
Item: FlowLighting Inferno

First of all, let me thank the associate "justin" that helped me out with the information I needed on this kit that I ordered. He was not only able to help with this, but also with the ICELED kit as well. There didnt seem to be a limit to the knowledge he presented me with on his products. So justin, thanks for the help. And im sure ill be back for more products. Besides, thats not even the end of my I ordered and the kit on thursday and it was recieveed on saturday. They did an excellent job with the timeing on the shipping. And with me being currently in Iraq right now, it helps out tremendously to know that Im being taken care of while im gone.


Reviewer: neil olney (Coppell, TX)
Item: FlowLighting Inferno

This underbody kit is amazing and is bright enough for me to see the color on the bottom of my side mirrors, there are so many different patterns and the mounting hardware is perfect but i do warn to not install in cold weather because the zipties get brittle and i had a couple shatter on me. but i just have to say this kit is truly amazing and is worth the money

Fantastic Product

Reviewer: Joseph Polsky (Richardson, TX)
Item: FlowLighting Inferno

I just got this kit in last week and already have it installed. The installation is very easy to do on my car. After watching the videos on here, I was thinking that it wouldn't be as bright as they show. But they LED's on this kit are very bright. Even in the middle of the day you can still see them glowing. I highly recommend this kit to anyone whos looking for one.

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