12V LED Dimmer and Strobe Remote Switch - Plug & Play!

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Matt from Allendale, MI

Ok now to all the people who are complaining that the system is switched ground and therefore can't use it for your application, how about you do a little fancy work with a relay or two to make the system work on a positive circuit..it's really not that hard people.

Easy and amazing

Adrian Silva from Barstow, CA

Worked exactly as described, good distance on the remote. 2 things I don't like about it. The antenna cable is short, maybe if it was longer and customers could cut down to what they want. The remote also turned on my led strobe lights I bought from oznium. I had to disconnect my strobes until I figure out what to do.

There is no memory.

Leon from Bloomington, IL

Doesn't work well for things you want to have automatically turn on when your car is on. I was wanting my led fog lights on while my car was on unless I wanted to play with strobe and other effects.

If I wire it up to my fog light switch, I have to remember to turn it on with the remote since there is no memory of the last mode.
If I wire it up to a constant on, I need to remember to turn it on and off.

It would work really well for daytime running lights if it had memory and at least workable if it was switched on the positive.

As it is, I won't be using this for my fogs. I think the only way I would use this in my car would be for something occasionally used like underbody lighting, police lights, etc...

For people wanting this for things that don't need to turn on automatically, this is one cool item.

2 channel Wireless remote

ModF/X customs SCLX from Spring, TX

Great bang for the buck and simple to install. I added this feature to my dual action Halos for my Magnum. it worked great with one exception it does not control each channel separate, after talking to customer service which by the way was great and polite. A friend and i were able to figured out a solution. Add either a relay to control each color or what i did because im difficult and wanted either color or both i added two switches cutting circut on Neg, that allowed me to choose blue for show, white for driving and both for custom strobing and dimmer!! Thanks again oznium!!

great product, simple and reliable!

Daniel Carol from Markham, Canada

got this remote to control the led halos i installed in my headlights and they're awesome. oznium does great work with customer service too!

here's a quick vid of them in action:


This strobe is awesome

John Rodeman from Phoenix, AZ

I put this strobe on my son's power wheels arctic cat vehicle and turned it into a police vehicle complete with blue and red lights and a full siren. Absolutely love the finished product and even the police thought it looked great.

We had an unmarked SUV pull up next to us on a walk one night and he turned on his lights to show off his ride. He was impressed with ours too.

Now I just need to buy two more blue and two more red modules to put on the sides so they are visible from the side.

This is a great product and you will love the result. Check out the video here:

Best product for a great show

Seamus McNally from Merrimack, NH

I bought this to go to a show and be a head turner and man I did so much more. This was so easy to install it took me maybe 1 hour to put in and I did amazing at the show. One BIG thing I would highly recommend is once you get the product change out the battery in the remote ASAP. It is a great product, but the remote seems to not work as well on the battery it is sent with. I would and have recommended this to everyone!!!!!

Great Product

Ben Nesbitt from Victoria, Canada


I have two LEDs inside of my speaker covers on two channels, works great, better than great actually!!!! I love the RF remote as well.

What I would like to see in the next version:

ability to control music sensitivity independently for each channel. So my lights would beat only yellow most of the time, then beat blue for the loud tones.

Can i get one of these that...


Awesome product but it is incompatable with almost all other circuits since it switches to ground and not positive. Any way i could get one of these that switches to positive instead?


Curtis Wyche from La Porte, TX

so i got this to give my tC's blue glowing grill the breathing effect and i decided to run the other channel to my under the dash and seats and i have the box actually hooked up to the switches for the lights so my led switches actually strobe as well so i can see what scheme the outside is running. I LOVE IT after two days of use


matt from Blanchard, MI

i just hooked the remote control up followed all the instructions and have all solid connections. for some reason my leds wont turn on?

Note from Oznium.com:

Are you sure you hooked it up properly? While its possible, I've never heard of nor seen a defective one. Kindly double check you're hooking it up properly, or give us a call, and we'll be happy to help.

Awesome but finiky

Randy Bevins from Ticonderoga, NY

I hooked up this remote on my GSXR with oznium's led's and was blown away by the look. I love the heartbeat like dimmer and the strobe is awesome....however...it seems the reciever is cheaply made and does not hold up to vibration to well. My gixxer is a 1990 and shakes pretty bad when you get up over 110 or so. The dimmer doesn't work now but if you tap the box it flashes. I'm going to order another one and try to mount it with some foam or cloth around it to protect the reciever a little better...it lasted 3 months before, lets see how long I can get this one to last! At the price they are selling them I'm ok with replacing it!

Did not work for what I bought it for.

Chris McLaughlin from Salt Lake City, UT

I purchased this to strobe all of my interior lights that I switched out for LED's in my truck. unfortunatly the controller is switched on the (-) ground side. To hook it up to the truck I need something to switch on the (+) positive side.
I am sure this will work fine on other LED's that I install. Just a big disappointment for the inerior lights

Note from Oznium.com:

Yes, from what I've seen, all remote switches, controllers, etc, are switched on the (-) ground side rather than the positive side. This seems to be much more cost effective in terms of the circuit design. If you need the opposite polarity switched, you may consider using a relay or some solid state relay.

Love this new product


I love this product. You can make the LEDs go from dim to really bright, and the strobe mode works really great! Thanks guys!

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