Going for two amps one sub? In the car audio industry, this is called strapping or bridging and will certainly deliver that power you’ve been looking for – but the most important thing that you should know before even looking at a wire is that you can only connect two identical twin amplifiers.

Once you know for certain that you’re working with two identical amps, you then need to determine if you have a single or dual voice coil sub.

A Single voice coil sub won’t work with the two amps and will result in the outputs being fried as soon as you turn it on. A dual voice sub and the same amps can be done, but it needs to be effectively balanced.

However, two amps one sub is definitely possible.

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bad venge

Single Voice coil sub or Dual Voice coil sub ?
A single voice coil sub likely NO the two amps will fry each others outputs
A dual voice coil sub and the Same amps CAN be done but need to be set near perfect to be effective as the gains must match to keep things balanced

bad venge

You should NEVER attach two amp outputs together , EVER , The voltages will feed back and blow the outputs in a few seconds…

Certain competition amps can be daisy chained meaning the output of one feeds the input of the next but thats very few amps that can do that …

If you have multiple subs and the amps can run them singly then thats the best route

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