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what a waste of time


Joined: Feb 12 2003
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Location: Baltimore,MD

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Post Fri May 09, 2003 5:47 pm

ok the other day i was driving down the street... and an ambulance came from behind me....he DID NOT have the sirens on but did have the strobes on....well as he came over the hill behind me i ofcourse couldnt hear him because again NO SIRENS...so i didnt know he was there until i saw the strobes flashing in the mirror and by then he was almost on top of me...so i quickly pulled over to let him pass....well as i started to get back to the road a cop rolls up and pulls me over...he give me a ticket for $60 and 1 point..for get this..not pulling over for the ambulance fast enough!!...wtf?...i told him the ambulance didnt have the sirens on so how i nthe hell was i supposed to know he was comming...then he said i should take it to court because i DID pull over for it but just not fast enough for his liking....wtf?....then why did he even waste his time?..and now if i take it to court and they let me off of everything i'll still have to pay the court costs...its not much at all but the point is if i DID pull over then why did i even get a ticket?..and now i have to pay because that cop felt like i didnt do it fast enough for his liking....

Joined: Feb 14 2003
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Location: Iowa

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Post Fri May 09, 2003 6:06 pm

that is BS with not pulling over as fast as he liked and he think you should take it to court that is the most **** up thing i heard in a long time
Owner, Oznium.com

Joined: Feb 11 2003
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Post Fri May 09, 2003 6:32 pm

Maybe they were working together and it was a big setup

Joined: Feb 18 2003
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Post Sat May 10, 2003 1:13 am

damn those set ups...phil my mom was driving in lafayette a few months ago don diablo road down by gloriette rd and orchard and a cop and a woman were at a crosswalk nabbing people not stopping for a pedestrian....well my mom saw the woman pop out of nowhere at the last second and she would have had to really slam on the brakes to stop and the woman was just stepping into the crosswalk, not in any danger at all. the cop pulled her over and gave her a ticket. she tried to fight it in court but lost.

reminds me of the time i was taking drivers training in one of those cars with the brake on the passenger side too, and i was approacing a stop light which turned yellow right before i got to it, and almost would have gone through it...but NO...my instructor just had to slam on the brakes icon_rolleyes.gif

And that reminds me of Blue Streak when the cop stops at a yellow light and whats his name (the black dude...main character) yells at him for not going through it
Bobby Lee

Joined: Mar 01 2003
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Post Sat May 10, 2003 8:02 am

my brother took is drivers training in a car with a brake on the passengers side. when he was driving one day he couldn't figure out why the car wouldn't accelerate as quickly as it had before. well, it turns out that the instructor had rested his foot on the brake so that my brother had driven like 15 miles with the brake down. anyway...
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