The Plani Linear Light is an LED Linear Light housing 3 X 1 Watt Nichia LED's with a 120 degree viewing angle. This light can be used as an energy efficient solution for a wide variety of lighting needs. With a total output of 270 Lumens for the 3300K model and 330 Lumens for the 6500K model, you can choose a lighting look from a soft glow similar to that of the old incandescents to one that is more reminiscent of natural outdoor lighting.

Think of how this can be used in your home, boat, or RV. This light can provide perfect cabinet lighting, back lighting, stage lighting, and decoration lighting. The possibilities for your unique designs are endless.

This efficient solution for lighting your home, boat, or RV, will make saving energy easy. It has an excellent thermal dissipation design that will prolong the LED's life and is rated to last 50,000 hours. Imagine being able to keep this light on for up to seven years and without ever noticing the cost or replacing the bulb!

The install is so simple. All you need is a 12V adapter and some screws or a strong double sided tape to mount the Plani Linear Light. This is an easy way to save energy beautifully in your home, boat, or RV.