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Flathead LED Strip Power Connector
Flathead LED Strip Power Connector
Q: Is it a male or a female connector?
A: Male.

The female connector is on the strip itself...
Q: If I need to cut every THREE leds to mount them forming, let's say letters, I suppose I can solder this power connector to the +/- holes on the strip, to power that section and connecting the plug into the nearest strip socket available. ¿Yes?. - by Luis (Sant Feliu De Guixol)
A: Yes this is correct.
Q: Does this power connector work with the million colors flathead LED strip? If so, how does it attach to the four wires?
A: The power connector works with the Flatheads - https://www.oznium.com/product_photos/large/4061.jpg They plug in to the white ports on the strips.
Q: Can I get a connector like this but with a 12 inch wire? - by Aja (Naples, FL)
A: You could solder or use butt splice connectors to make it longer. We do not carry an longer ones
Q: I see that someone asked if this is the same connector with dual transformer cathodes but is this the same plug on the cathode lights itself or the black/red wire packed with the transformer? - by Timothy (Flushing, NY)
A: same as the one with black and red power wire
Q: Is this also the same connector found with dual transformer cathodes?
A: Yes, it is the same style connector
Q: is there an photo of this product? - by artis (houston,tx)
A: Our apologies, a photo has been added. It is the same type of connector as seen in other photos, with bare wires at the opposite end for a standard positive/negative power hookup.
Q: The photo for the Flathead LED Strip Power connector does not load. Is the what is needed to connect to the 12v power adapter, or do we need a junction box too? - by John
A: A 12V adapter will work fine