If you do not want fancy colors and patterns under your car, but still want a bright and durable underbody kit, the single color LED kit is perfect for you. There are a variety of patterns and music modes to keep you entertained if you get tired of a solid glow. Compared to a regular glass based neon kit (filled with compressed gas), the LED kit is much more durable. High intensity and WIDE viewing angle LEDs insure your glow stretches far and wide. Unless the tube is an inch off the ground, there will be no "spots" - a common problem with poor quality LED kits.

The single color kit comes with a super-thin eight button infrared remote control that places every feature at your fingertips. The remote even controls the music interface. You can step outside your car and control the whole show - wirelessly. The kit also includes a remote display that shows the current state of the lights so you don't have to open your door or stick your head out the window to see which mode or color is being displayed.

- 8-key super thin infrared remote control
- 10 normal display modes
- 10 speeds
- 8 music display modes
- Auto loop of all normal modes at power on
- Built-in microphone or line-in audio control
- Remote control volume sensitivity control
- Digital remote display
- Single color

Kit Contents
- 2x four-foot tubes with 15 feet of wire
- 2x three-foot tubes with 15 feet of wire
- 1x Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
- 1x Remote display
- 2x Remote control handset
- 1x Power supply wire
- 1x Line-in audio wire
- All necessary mounting hardware

A one-year limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship.