Millions of colors and patterns, all controllable at the push of a button - with the FlowLighting Inferno LED Underbody Kit, you don't just have a funky lighting system, you have a state of the art high-tech light show that'll be the talk of the street.

Forget traditional 'glass' neon underbody kits that cost thousands - the FlowLighting Inferno LED Underbody Kit produces virtually unlimited combinations of colors and fancy patterns, showing multiple colors at a time on each tube, and all with less heat, less battery drain, lower maintenance costs, a much brighter glow, and an amazingly low purchase price.

The remote also controls the music interface that is built into every Inferno kit controller, allowing you to step outside your car and control the whole show - wirelessly. The kit also includes a remote display that shows the current state of the lights so you can see what the status is from anywhere.

Freeze the pattern any time you choose, or pick from 10 normal patterns, 10 music patterns, and 10 speeds - this is FlowLighting's most advanced underbody kit to date, and it's a top seller on

This top-notch underbody car lighting kit comes with a super-thin nine button infrared remote control that places every feature of your underbody kit at your fingertips, and with its super bright LEDs, accurate spacing and high quality craftsmanship, the Inferno kit produces the brightest and most vivid colors in its class.

The FlowLighting Inferno LED Underbody Kit includes the following features:
- 7 normal colors, 7 ground colors, 10 multi color changes
- Million color and 42 multi-color combination changing
- 9-key super thin infrared remote control
- 10 normal display modes
- 10 speeds for normal display modes
- 10 music display modes
- Paused 'freeze frame' option
- Remote can select microphone or line-in music source
- 64 levels of music sensitivity
- Auto loop demo at power on
- Digital remote display
- Mode memory feature
- Demonstration mode

Kit Contents
- 2x 4 foot tubes
- 2x 3 foot tubes
- 1x Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
- 1x Remote display
- 2x Remote control handset (1 extra in case you lose one)
- 1x Power supply wire
- 1x Line-in audio wire
- All necessary mounting hardware

But there's more! Don't forget the pause, memory, and demo features:

PAUSE FEATURE: When you find that perfect color combo, press the pause button. Everything will "freeze". Press it again, and the Inferno kit goes back to dazzling colors and patterns.

MEMORY FEATURE: The Inferno kit is smart. It remembers everything it is doing just before you turn it off. So when you turn it on again, it goes right back to your favorite pattern, speed, and colors.

DEMO MODE: Want to break some necks? This is perfect for car shows. Just press the "pause" button for a few seconds and the Inferno kit will cycle through a show-stopping demo mode.

New and improved mounting hardware

All FlowLighting underbody kits come with beefy mounting hardware. These cable ties have a death grip. Mounting Hardware

And of course you are covered by a 1 year warranty

A one-year limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. In the rare case a part is defective, just shoot us an email and we will make it right.

Isn't it time you turned your ride into a car show-ready lighting explosion? Get your FlowLighting Inferno LED Underbody Kit from today!

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