194 LED Bulb Aluminum High Power LED Bulb for Cars - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Is this sold as a single bulb or a pair?
Will the dash light dimmer work properly with the LED's? In other words, will they dim in a similar manner as the stock 194 bulbs?
on the 194 application, which side is positive ?
If it doesn't work, simply flip it around and it will work.
I'm having trouble installing these bulbs in a scion tc license plate's lights. - by Wil (River Edge, NJ)
These are plug and play. Would you mind contacting our Customer Service team with more details? https://www.oznium.com/contact This section is used for quickfire questions/answers.
Which LED are you using inside? A 5mm, the super flux? - by Phil (Georgia)
"A normal size 194 LED Matrix bulb uses 100 milliamps which, equals one-tenth of a watt."
100 milliamps = 0.1 Amp;
0.1 Amp * 12 volts = 1.2 watts, but you said 0.1 watt.
What am I doing wrong? - by James (California)
Sorry for any confusion, these use 90mA or 1 watt.
what is the degree of the light from the led? - by Terry (Arlington Heights ,)
what's the color temp and lumen rating? - by Pete (Autin, TX)
Sorry, don't have this information at this time, but they are bright.
Would resistors be needed if I used these for the sidemarker lights on my 05' xB? They blink with the turn signals. - by Zach
Resistors are not required... These are already designed to work on 12 volts.
i was wondering how tall the led is. im looking to replace some 161 bulbs in my cockpit of my boat and they have the 161's in there right now . i know they will plug in i just dont know if they will clear the bezel... if you can let me know the total hight of the led's would be great - by Russ (tinley park)
From bottom of base to top of led is about 30mm
How many bulbs is in a package?
Hi, will this need a "load resistor"? I've noticed that some LED bulbs tend to draw power when installed and flicker a bit without them actually being "turned on." I had some LED map lights in a previous vehicle I owned ant they would flicker sometimes. It was specially noticeable at night. - by Jorge (Fort Worth, TX)
These will work as a direct install, not load resistors needed.
I have a 2006 GMC SIERRA and I wanted to try these in the Map lights. I checked the Replacement Guide that you have on your site, and it says that it is a 578. Would these fit? also, what is the difference between these and the wide angle ones you also have? - by Chad (Edmonton)
The size 194 is also referred to with other numbers. The 194 is equivalent to W5W 147 152 158 159 161 168 184 192 193 259 280 285 447 464 555 558 585 655 656 657 1250 1251 1252 2450 2652 2921 2825

Not sure which "wide angle" ones you are referring too.
I am wanting to replace the lighting behind the guages in my 2000 F-150 would these be better for an pplication like that or would the regualr 194's work better - by Colby (Dallas, TX)
I own a 2008 xB and I was wondering if this could be used for the lisence plate light, inside roof light, and head lights? thanks
Yes, as long as the existing bulb size is 194 or equivalent.
Are you going to produce these in yellow in the near future?
No, the amber is the same as yellow/orange.
Can these be installed inside a headlamp housing next to the headlamp? Most single headlight motorcycles have a "parking light" inside the headlight housing. The concern here is heat as the led would be about an inch away from the main headlamp bulb.
They can be installed in a headlamp housing next to the headlamp. Yes, the heat is certainly a concern though.
will these bulbs fit in a 95 civic.... the connections look the same compared to a #74 bulb. Just curious - by Nick (Oklahoma City, OK)
#74 is smaller than 194
Hey Oznium. How Are These In Comparison In Size To The 194 High Power LED Bulb? Are The Shorter In Length?

And Is The Brightness About The Same? - by Arron (Cheyenne, Wyoming)
The brightness is a little less that the 194bulb, the aluminum housing acts as a better heat sync and keep the bulb cooler.
The 194's tend to burn out sometimes if you have fluctuating currents. They are the same dimensions as the 194 bulb.