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COB LED Daytime Running Lights
COB LED Daytime Running Lights
Q: is it usual for the metal plate to get very hot
- by Robin
A: The plate might get warm. Not sure what you mean by very hot.
Q: How do you install them? - by sean (DFW Tx)
A: Sorry, not sure if you mean how to mount or how to wire.
Q: Thinking of using these on a motorcycle to increase visibility. If these are mounted on the front forks and facing left and right would these be ok to use at night?
A: Yes
Q: Could these be used as side markers on a car / side turn signals ? - by Justin (United States)
A: Yes
Q: Is it safe for plastic? Saw some concern relating to heat
A: No, use a metal bracket for mounting, just in case.
Q: do these only come in white - by doug (ct.)
A: Yes.
We can of course make any color, but since white is by far the most popular for these, we've chosen to only make white for now.
If you need another color, we're happy to do it with a minimum order of $500.
Q: is it flexible at all? - by Ashley
A: No.
Q: Are these waterproof?
A: Fully waterproof.