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74 Neo-wedge Corvette C5 LED Bulb
74 Neo-wedge Corvette C5 LED Bulb
Q: Will these fit as a replacement for the #74 bulbs in the upper HVAC controls on a 2002 ford focus? - by Geoff (East Windsor, CT)
A: Sorry, not sure. They look similar but not sure what the Ford bulb really looks like.
Q: can you put a different colored led into this product?
A: Yes, its possible.
Q: Do you still have the resistor soldered onto the back of the base of the bulb as shown in the original install ?
A: No
Q: did you fix the wedge not tightening down problem on these for the 2004 corvettes?
A: We haven't changed anything and customers are getting them to work.
Q: Can I put these in my 2008 ZO6? - by Jerry (Atlanta area)
A: I don't know if they would fit. We don't have records of all the Corvettes and what type of bulbs they use.
Q: Is the resistor already soldered into this led?
A: Yeah, it works on 12 volts directly.
Q: Can you yank the LED out of the resistor? - by Billy (Los Angeles)
A: Yes, you can dis-assemble this if you'd like.
Q: Can you tell me what the rating and size of the resistor is? - by Rick
A: This bulb has a 470ohm resistor in it.
Q: Do you also make them in the slightly smaller size which is found on the HUD control panel to the left of the instrument cluster in a Corvette? I can't remember if www.spdkilz.com shows this, but for some reason there is a smaller bulb on that side.
these bulbs are used in the DIC panel, door control panels, the Traction control/active handling panel, and foglight/hatch/trunk panel. this is a perfect project to get rid of the old looking yellowish incandescent bulbs. do you know if these light up the TC/AH panel well though? I've heard complaints that other commercially available LED 74's don't provide enough light in this one location.
A: Sorry, just the one size.
Q: 2 questions. What is the diameter of the base ,and what is the height from base to tip? The Scion xB uses a 10mm base and 13mm height
A: Base = 9.50mm
Height including bulb = 10.20mm
Q: Are these 12v?
A: Yes
Q: If used in the cluster can these bulbs be dimmed just like a regular bulb? - by Raymond (St. Paul, Alberta, C)
A: Yes, you should have no problems dimming them.
Q: 2004 Chevrolet Corvette Z06...4 on the drivers side and 2 on the passenger side, correct? How about the other bulbs in the instrument cluster, it looks like (without taking it apart) that there should be 2 on the heads up display, 1 for the HUD 'page' button and then 2 -4 on the computer buttons. Any idea? - by Mitch (Heath, TX)
A: We have no idea how many 74 wedge bulbs are in the Corvette. Sorry, but we don't have one to take apart and see for ourselves.
Q: Is the 74 base type the same that fits in gauge clusters in a Ford Focus? Though the Pictures are blurry this is a Forum on the Mod I am hoping to do. http://www.focusfanatics.com/forum/showthread.php?t=134217 - by Kevin (Lynchburg, VA)
A: It is very unlikely that our 74 bulb will fit your application, as they were designed specifically for the Corvette. You can always try, but we're not responsible if they don't fit.
Q: Does the black mount come off? Cuz i'm certain it does so i can fit it in the cubby hole for a scion tC just want to make sure it comes off. let me know thank you phil :)
A: If you'd like you can remove the LED from the plastic holder.
Q: is 74 the size/type of the "bulb" like 194, 168, etc.?
A: Yes.
Q: what kind of connector is on the end? is it a 2 wire connection or does it have a plug attached?
A: It comes exactly as pictured:

Q: Can these be used in other cars or is it only for Corvettes?
A: They may be able to be used in other cars, we do not know for sure. Buy them and see, if they don't fit send them back for a refund.
Q: Are the LEDs used 3mm or 5mm?
A: They are actually 4mm!
Q: will these lights fit into my center accessory on my Scion XB? - by Shawn (Corona, CA)
A: I don't know. Please take a picture of the bulb and then I can probably tell you.