LED Fog Lights / DRL (Daytime Running Light): Accent lighting the for front of your car FAQs

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LED Fog Light
LED Fog Light
Q: What guage are the wires so I can order the correct wire taps? - by Bret (Nixa, MO)
A: You would be safe using 18 or 20 gauge.
Q: I have 40 down lights all using 40 to 60 watts each. I would be very inteserted in purchasing these low wattage lights to reduce my electricity bills. I have already installed solar water and am getting solar power soon, can you send me info where to buy them.ThanksRick Adams
A: We have these here: https://www.oznium.com/accent-lighting/led-drl-fog-light They don't use more than 1 amp.
Q: how bright are these lights. compared to halogen docking lights
A: We don't know how bright your halogen docking lights are, but as you can see from the "Technical Info" tab, the brightness of these is as follows:

Straight 4: 85.90 lm
L Shape 6: 103.39 lm
Q: I see the bolt mounting option for the "L" shaped one but not for the straight one. How do you suggest to mount the straight one?
A: Any creative combination of the following:

- pressure fit in place
- glue
- 3M double sided tape
- cable ties
- screws
Q: If I order the L shaped lights, do they come reversed so I can use them on both sides? - by Pit (Reeves, LA)
A: Yes!
You will receive one of the left, and one for the right.
Q: G'day,
Do you have any plans to produce these with coloured LEDs?
Thanks n cheers
Baz - by Baz (Sydney)
A: Not at this time, sorry.