Create a crazy, show-stopping effect with one, or many of these spirals.
The round spiral is about 4.3 inches in diameter, with 72 really bright 5050 size surface mount RGB LEDs.

We can't wait to see all the creative uses you come up with.

Some customers are already using these in show cars, mounted in front of the door speakers, or mounted on the headliner as a dome light.

Other ideas:
- Night clubs / discos
- Burning man costumes, or decoration
- Party boats, party buses, party limos
- Shop windows
- Anywhere in Vegas

Comes with a tiny handheld infra-red remote.

Very simple 2-wire hook up to any 12 volt source. (Can hook up to your car battery, or for home use, hook up to one of our 12v AC Adapters.)

The entire back is covered with a surprisingly strong 3M double-sided adhesive tape, so you can just peel and stick.

The black thing in the center is the infra-red receiver.

Can multiple units be synced? Nope, sorry. Decided to keep the design simple for now. A single remote can control multiple units, but they won't stay in sync.

Finally, if you're interested in other shapes, sizes, patterns, colors, etc, and can use at least about $1000 worth (for a larger project), let us know, and we're happy to make your wildest, spinning psychedelic dreams come true.

How to use:

Switch ON/OFF
> Press the "ON/OFF" button (or just disconnect / reconnect power)
> It HAS memory. It will remember the last color, pattern and speed when you switch it off, or even disconnect the power. When you turn it back on, it will go back to what it was last doing.

Change the Patterns (15 exciting patterns to choose from)
> Press the "PATTERN" button to cycle through patterns
> Press the "AUTO" button to automatically loop through the 15 patterns. Each pattern will be active for about 5 seconds, before moving to the next.

Change the Colors (Total of 7 colors + 1 combination mode)
> Press the "UP" button to cycle through colors
> Only works for the pattern with single color.
> 7 colors (Red, Purple, Yellow, White, Blue, Green, Aqua) + 1 combination mode (auto-loops the 7 colors)

Change the Scanning / Flashing Speed (7 speeds to choose from: slow to fast)
> Press the "DOWN" button to cycle through speeds.