LED Spiral Psychedelic - Crazy, Attention-Grabbing Patterns - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

will this work with the music beat controller?
With the infra red control the can the disc be installed behind a window and be controlled through the glass? If not, is there an option for a different kind of control? - by Kenneth
The glass will block some of the infrared signal, but it should still be able to work.

You could always try an infrared repeater (like the same ones you can use for your home stereo / entertainment system setup).

We could also make this with an RF option if you're able to buy at least 25 pieces.
I can install two boards but control them with a single remote control - by Antonio (california)
Yes, just in the same way you could put two TV's (of the same brand) next to each other, and control them with one remote, you could put two of these next to each other and control them with a single remote.

If you expect them to "sync" up, that is not possible though.
Any idea on how to make them waterproof?
Put them in a clear box or encase them in silicone?
which led's did u guy use for this?? - by sam
5050 size RGB surface mount LEDs. They are really bright. We use total of 72 of them.

5050 size means each LED is 5mm x 5mm square.