LED Strobe Light Kit - Red, Blue & White Strobe Lights - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Are you able to setup this controller to be powered by one of your rocker switches? Am looking at doing a modified powerwheels mustang police and just want the police lights to be controlled by a simple switch. Meaning if I preset the "A" sequence, will it start when power is applied through the switch? If not, other ideas with the controller tucked underneath the vehicle? - by Shane (Commerce, MI)
It will work the way you have it described. If preset and power is supplied through a switch they will come on.
Does the controller box come with the package - by Marc (Estonia)
Yes, it is a complete package.
I have multiple off road led light bars, totron brand. I'm wondering if this controller could flash them as well. - by Zach
Probably not, as your off road LED light bars draw way too much power (current) for this controller to handle.
Will I need to add resistors for this product? - by Dan (Cottage Grove, MN)
If I order two kits can I splice in and just use one controller box for the 8 leds.
No remote crontrol, got it. How about connecting a switch to this module to turn it on or off? Would that work? - by Carl (New York)
A separate switch would work fine.
Does it come with a remote control? That would be great! - by Carl (New York)
Sorry, no.
How many of your prewired superflux 4 chip leds could you put on each lead instead of the included leds? I would like to use it for a toy firetruck. Would you sell the controller without the leds cheaper? - by Jason (North Haledon, NJ)
Hundreds of LEDs.

No. (unless you're willing to buy 100 controllers)
I know the the actual module isn't waterproof but are the LEDs themselfs waterproof? Or would I need to put some silicone around the LED units to stop them getting water damaged? - by Sean (Chelmsford, United K)
They are not waterproof, but you're welcome to attempt waterproofing them yourself.
how about red/white? - by Anthony (Snow Hill, NC)
Sure, how about getting two kits:
1 kit with all white
1 kit with red/blue

Then toss out the blue, and combine the red with the white. And toss out one controller.

Alternatively, we're happy to build a red/white kit, but only if you're able to purchase about 30 kits.
hello I can choose blue and purple and powered by a 9 V battery, desire to put an electric guitar so I want to work with one or two 9 v batteries
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GGjUZXlwSk - by Antonio (corona ca USA 9)
We only have white and red/blue. And they need 12v power, sorry.
Can this kit be expanded with your other led strips? - by Michael (Brookhaven, PA)
Yep of course. You could easily hook up at 12v light source by just splicing into the wires.
whats the life hours on the leds? - by Scott (louisiana)
will i get in trouble with law with these?
Depends. Use your own judgment.

For example:
Will you get in trouble with the law with a gun?
Yes, no, maybe. Depends.
If you shoot someone, you'll probably get in trouble (assuming you're caught).
If you shoot a bird, you're not likely to get in trouble.
If you take your gun to a gun show, you're probably fine.