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LED Window Strobe Light
LED Window Strobe Light
Q: If I purchase this item, can I change the coloring to UV GREEN AMBER ? I want to use it for Mardi Gras here in New Orleans - by Joycelyn (Metairie, LA)
A: The kit only comes with the colors shown.
Q: any way you could make this in all red? I'm a volunteer firefighter on a budget and we are not allowed to run blue lights, for obvious reasons, but red is allowed. - by Lee (Georgia)
A: We can certainly make this all in red. Its only cost effective to do the custom work if you're able to order at least $500 worth.

You may consider simply purchasing two units and modifying them yourself to make a single red one.
Q: If hard wired would you still have to press the red button to turn it on? Or would it just start with the last mode played when it is given power? - by Dylan (Raleigh, NC)
A: Yes, you'd still have to press the red button. No memory - as soon as you turn it on, it resets.
Q: is this strobe going to be available in green - by Robert (stafford,Va)
A: We have no plans for a green strobe, although we could certainly make one if you order at least $500 worth.