LED Backup Lights, LED Brake Lights & LED Turn Signal Lights - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Do the clear lens emit red or white light? Im looking for clear lens. tail lights.
The oval lamps are not available in white/clear. I would suggest using these bolt lights instead: https://www.oznium.com/led-bolts-prewired-leds/led-bolt
Do these lights need a load equalizer to be used as a turn signal ?
will these lights work with your remote control dimmer & strobe switch - by tim (fort wayne< in)
My car is 6.5 long, 1.45 wide and .5 deep. Since these dimensions are no where near capable of this product (bummer) what would suggest. Because I really wanted LED side bumper lights. - by Jordan (Kenosha, WI)
Use either LED Strips, LED Bars, or individual LEDs.
price for single or sold in pairs? - by James (United States)
These are sold in quantity one. One quantity is one Oval Lamp.
If I mount two of these in my rear bumper (clear lens facing backwards), will they produce enough light to serve as good backup lights? Do you have any pictures of the lights powered on(like you do with most other lights on the website)?
Thanks. - by Jake (Kent, WA)
Yes, these will be bright enough for Reverse Lights. Sorry, no photos at this time.
Are these sealed adequately for being submerged in water on a boat trailer? - by Mike (DFW, TX)
Can these be used with a headlight flasher unit?
What is a headlight flasher unit?
Are these two wire or three wire for running lights and brake lights? - by Dennis (Lake Geneva, Wiscons)
Three wire. They have both running light and brake lamp intensities.
I can't remove the red leins ( how do I remove the red liens ) ? I want to put two screws to mount the light. also is the red lead + ? & black - ? white ground lead ?
The red lens is sealed to the rest of the unit, and is not designed to be removed. The only way to remove it would be to cut it apart with a dremel, and then re-glue it back together. I'm not sure off the top of my head what the wiring colors are, but you can easily figure it out by hooking them up. Nothing bad will happen if you do it wrong.
what kind of plug is needed? - by Dannie (Alexandria,In. 4600)
We include the plug and harness with it :)
how do you install these? the shipment didnt come with wires or anything.. - by Danny (Edmonton, Canada)
If you're using it in the correct application, it should be plug and play.
They work on 12 volts
Would these be bright enough to use as foglights? - by Adam
That is subjective - to some people no, to some people, yes.

Will they be bright enough to illuminate the road while driving in the fog? No.

Will they be visible from the front of the car? Yes.
How do these mount to the surface? Most likely a bumper or a quarter panel. - by Tom (Midwest, USA)
Be creative. Glue, screws, tape, cable ties, or a combination of those.
What are the dimensions for these? - by Jesse
Dimensions of LED Brake Light