RGB Submersible LED Light: Waterproof LED Lights - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Could you wire three lights together and power with 12v
Since these lights are run off batteries it would be hard to wire them together.
How many hours will this run on the batteries? - by Ryan
Maybe a few days, sorry, we haven't tested for that information.
I am thinking about using these inside of a small office. Will the remote from one light control all of the lights? If so, what is the smallest distance that the lights will need to be apart so that the remote from one light will not change both of the lights? - by Paige (Mississippi)
Great! They will work well inside of a small office.
The remote control is done by IR (infrared), just like a common tv remote control.
So the IR transmitter on the remote control pretty much needs direct line of sight with the IR receiver on the LED unit.
There's no set smallest distance they need to be apart. As long as you simply block the IR signal from hitting devices you don't want to control, it'll work just fine.
When I shine my bright light up through my glass art, it gives the effect I want. Will this have as many lumens as my cell phone bright light?
Is there a method to install/stick this to the bottom of a glass table? - by James (Ballston Spa, NY)
Sorry, we haven't measured the exact lumen output yet, but yes it is a very bright light (similar or more to your cell phone flash light).

To mount it to the bottom of a glass table, you can simply use some 3M double sided sticky tape.