Tunable 5050 Multi Color LED Strip - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Does the strip have any flexibility to bend it around curves?
No, it doesn't.
what is the amp hours draw per strip? - by Ramin (Calgary)
We are testing for this and will post the information on the website.
I know only the 6 LED pattern light strip is available right now but when will I be able to purchase the 3 LED pattern light strip?
Sorry, we have no plans to produce the 3 LED pattern light strip.
If you're able to buy 50 pieces, we can custom make it.
Can I use this product with the Music & Flash Interface, on AUTO, to create a variable lightshow? If so, how? - by SDM (Farmington, NM)
Sorry, no.
In the note above your video states: "Current stock is available only in a 6 led pattern, not the 3 led pattern that is shown in the video.". Do you have a video showing what you are talking about or when will the 3 LED pattern strip be avaliable?
A video will be added soon. The 6 pattern is the only pattern available right now.
I just ordered this one, I wish I could've got one 600mm for a project. is it possible to get one 2' (600mm)? - by Stephen (Mount Joy, PA)
It is certainly possible to make a longer one, but it is not practical to make just one.
We'd ask that you order at least 100 pieces (or otherwise pay A LOT for just one).
Can I hook this to my car battery instead of my AA battery pack ?
Yes, of course! Feel free to hook it up to any 12V source :)
How come when turned off & leave the AA batteries hooked up the next time I use the light, batteries or dead. I have to remove a battery in between usages to stop it from draining them. why would it being hooked up all the time drain batteries? - by Frank
This is 100% normal...
The unit draws a small amount of power even when turned off.
The reason for this is because the infrared "eye" still needs to be "on" and constantly watching for a signal from the remote to turn the LEDs on.
When installing how do you get multiple strips to respond to one remote control? - by Javier
The remote for this works just like a normal television remote. Suppose you had three TV's on the wall. If you pointed the remote at all three TV's, most of the time the infrared signal would "hit", and the TV's would all change at once. But occasionally, the signal wouldn't hit all TV's at once for whatever reason, and the TV's would get out of sync. If you wanted to control only one TV, you could walk right up to its infrared receiver "eye" and shine the remote at it to change just that one TV.

Same thing for this Tunable Million Color LED Strip.

There is no way to sync them - no "sync" wire. It could certainly be developed, but isn't really cost effective.
Can I buy a replacement Remote? - by Frank (Griffin, IN)
We don't have extras but you can make a copy of the remote with this: https://www.oznium.com/switches/remote-duplicator
Does each strip require a separate 12v source or can they be "chained"? - by Stan (Naples, FL)
They can be daisy-chained together.
If I remove power then reattach power will itresume or do I have to use the remote to turn it back on?
It has memory, it remembers the last sequence even if power is disconnected.
How hot does this get? Would it be wise to put this on EVA foam, or put them inside of a tube if does get hot?
It doesn't get hot. You're welcome to put it on foam, or inside of a tube.
when you set this unit on AUTO.......does it cycle through ALL PATTERNS AND all COLRS as well???? thanks oznium...I just ordered it anyways..... - by Chance (Boulder, CO)
The Auto function does all kinds of patterns/colors.
Will this strip run on the 8 AA battery pack & how long?
It will work on the battery pack, guessing on the mA maybe 8 hours.
I take it that the "Hold" function stops the current pattern?
how long is the strips - by Donald (Spencer, OK)
13.8 inches
Are these strips waterproof? If not how can they be made so? And is there any way to wire any kind of remote eye/sensor for the controller? I want to mount them in my boat but they wouldn't be visible so the remote wouldn't work. - by Bryon (Riverview, Florida)
They are not waterproof, but you could enclose them in a tube, and then seal the ends of the tube.
It is physically possible to de-solder the eye, and then attach it to an extended wire to put it somewhere else, but you'd have to know what you're doing.
With it being an ir remote does if have to have a direct line of sire with the bar? And if so we're is the receiver on the bar? - by Marc (Colorado Springs, CO)
Yes. At one end.

Tubable Scanning LED Strip IR sensor
Can you daisy chain these strips so that multiple lights work off of the same remote and display the same pattern? - by Chris
One remote can control multiple strips.
Multiple strips can't be synchronized to the same pattern.