Angel Eyes LED COB Lights - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Can I run these using a regular 9V battery?
Yes but it won't be as bright.
Hi , do you do covers for these to hide the yellow tint of the rings ?
Sorry, no. That is an item we have discontinued.
I see that your listing says the 80mm COB led is 80mm in diameter outside and 70mm inside. Are these measurements with or without the protective cover in place? If without, what is the interior diameter of the COB led without the cover attached? Thank you!
There is no protective cover.
What size rings in diameter would I need for a 2006 Scion tC, there is a smal halo and a bigger halo that would be needed, a total of 4, 1 small and 1 bigger on each side - by Daniel (Texas)
Sorry, don't know.
You can either measure yourself or ask around on a Scion message board.
If they are too bright can they be dimmed? - by Charles (Tuolumne, CA)
If you start getting them with a partial cut, there s re a lot of vehicles which could use these. Especially BMWs.
Please email us at cs@oznium.com and explain what you mean by partial cut.
Can 1 LED COB Angel Eye Driver control two headlight rings for simplicity of wiring and fewer parts to hide and/or mount in a multiple headlight application as my vehicle is? - by charlie (new york)
No, a driver is needed for each angel eye.
Would your inline RGB controller be suitable for the RGB angel eye?
If i was designing shower lighting, could i mount these to the ceiling, and thus get the equivalent of a 50W spot? - by Joshua
You would get a good light from it, not 50w that might be too bright. Also, you would need to put some silicone around the wiring coming out of the housing. It is not completely waterproof.
Can I cut a 30-degree rings angel eyes? - by Andrew
They cannot be cut.
Is the color temp for the two white color options listed correctly? (10K/15K) Every Kelvin scale I've seen stops at 10K. I would expect these to be listed between 5 and 7K. Of the two, which is closer to pure white? - by Christopher (Brecksville, OH)
Yes, the color temperatures are correct. We measure ourselves. The 10000 is closer to pure white.
What size cob angel lights would I need for the 2011 Corvette headlight rings - by Keith (Illinois)
Sorry, no idea. Can you please measure?
I see they are water resistant, however are they suitable to mount on exterior surface (not inside lamp enclosure)?
You're welcome to mount it on an exterior surface, but the lifespan may be affected by various harsh environmental conditions.
Do this angel eyes withstand the temperature of the lightbulb inside the headlights? - by XxMiiNd-GaMeZxX (Watauga)
On the white halos do they have a yellow tint to the ring when the light is off or does the ring look white? - by Wesley (Algoma, WI)
ANY white LED will have a yellow tint to it when off.
The yellow phosphor helps create the white light.
Can these be submerged in water for any length of time? - by Matt (United States)
No, they are water resistant but not waterproof.
When will you offer these in RGB, where you can change the color with a remote? - by Bill (Navarre, FL)
No plans for that right now. You could use these strips around your headlights, they come in RGB: https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/thin-waterproof-ribbon
Is the unit stable in cold weather (-30 Fahrenheit) used in a vehicle tail light? - by John (Canada)
Sorry, can't say for sure since we haven't thoroughly tested this product at such temperature.
Will u have more sizes available like 153mm?
No plans at this time. If you need 50-100 we can see about ordering them.
On the 88mm, does the 15000k have a blue tint to it or is it pure white? I'm going to use this to make a ring light for photography and I want it to be pure white. Thanks! - by Gant (Williamstown, WV)
It is just a white light, no blue tint.
Is the size measured from the inside of the ring or the outside of the ring?
As you can see from the "Technical Info" tab, its the outer diameter:
Diameter: 80mm (Outer), 70mm (Inner)
Diameter: 100mm (Outer), 90mm (Inner)
What do you feel is the best adhesive or tape (besides indoor/automotive 3m tape) to use to adhere these to my headlights / tail lights / cupholder any form of use I have for these? - by Jordan (United States)
How about some epoxy?
Can I cut every 3 leds the The cob led angel eyes? - by Ernest
No, definitely not.

By the way, with this COB technology, the whole thing is basically an "LED".
There's hundreds of little "chips" mounted to the surface with an extremely precise machine. Its not designed to be cut nor modified.
Do yall make a 99mm halo because that's what just need two of them and green
Wouldn't the 100mm work? Seems like 1mm won't make any serious difference...