How to install Honda Fit interior lights

Project by Ben's Channel


This is a brief but detailed explanation on how to install Honda Fit interior lights, as done by an Oznium customer (Ben’s Channel) for his 2010 Honda Fit.


2010 Honda Fit had no lighting in and around the cupholders at all.

The Honda Fit interior lights needed to be installed in a position that keeps the pre-wired single LED bulbs and LED holders from being seen when driving the car.

The goal was to create reflective lighting.



    1. Using a very stiff wire hook, the panel was removed, it just needed an extra hard tug. The placement of the single 12V LED light were marked off, the holes were drilled near the bottom so you can’t see the LED holders or pre-wired single LED bulb when driving the car (a mock-up was made first out of cardboard to check that the placement was spot on).
    2. The positives wires were soldered to each other, and the negatives were also soldered together. A connector was used to avoid having to re-tap in the future.
    3. Ensuring to keep away from any moving parts (steering column, brake and gas pedal), the wires were routed under the dash and the wire loom was zip-tied. Using the positive wire, the gray wire in the BLUE top connector was tapped into (out of the 3 big connectors in the fuse panel which blue, green and white from top to bottom).
    4. Then the ground wire was chasis grounded.
    5. And finally, the Honda Fit interior LEDs were checked by turning on the headlight switch.
Project by: Ben’s Channel 

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