Enjoy a cool aesthetic even when your LEDs are off with the diffused, color matched LED lenses.

Now the diffused color lens version is available! Choose from 4 colors: red, blue, green & amber, all with a 5mm diameter.

LEDs are a great way to light your ride, but why spend time fiddling around with a soldering iron when Oznium.com has inexpensive, ultra-bright, pre-wired LEDs ready to ship to your door? These prewired LEDs are definitely your best choice!

What is the difference between clear lens and diffused lens?

- LEDs with clear lens have narrower beam width. The light spot is more sharp and focused.

- Diffused LEDs spread the beam angle out. The diffused lens reduces the brightness slightly. The light pattern of an LED with a diffused lens is more uniform.

There's no doubt that being able to solder your own resistors and properly heat-shrink the base are a great set of skills to have, but Oznium already does this work for you.
"Loose" non-prewired Super Bright LEDs with Diffused Color Lens are also available here!

Four different colors. An amazing and rare diffused lens. And incredibly inexpensive. They can be installed just about anywhere on your vehicle or home, draw a tiny amount of battery power, last for years and produce next to no heat. How could you not buy some of these fancy diffused lens LEDs and create infinity DIY combination?

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