Pre-Wired Motorcycle Lights :: Surface Mount Motorcycle LED Module - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Can these be added to a can bus system for running lights or turn signals with out a resistor ?
If you're adding them to an existing running light / turn signal, it should work fine. The added current draw will be negligible.

If you're completely replacing your existing running light / turn signal, it probably won't work unless you use a load resistor or some can bus system bypass.
are these dimable im running power of my dash light dimmer switch. - by kevin (cali)
Yes, they will certainly dim along with your dash lights.
What is the difference between the 5050 and the 2835? - by Cory (West Jordan, UT)
The brightness is the same between both sizes.

The only difference is the physical size. The 5050 LED is 5mm x 5mm, and the 2835 LED is 2.8mm x 3.5mm.

5050 vs 2835 size Prewired 12v LED
Will these surface mounts LED's work with my motorcycles AC electrical system? It has a 12v battery but a stator converts the current. I finished a very clean installation for my license plate light but then realized just because the battery was 12v didn't mean the system was DC. - by Kenneth (Milton, VT)
The leds are made for DC.
If I want to use these in a less-than-12V-application and remove the included resistor, what voltage range will they work in? - by Shane (Springfield, MO)
About 2v for red/amber, and about 3.2v for all other colors.
can any of these lights be used to replace the bulbs in turn signals and brake lights on a motorcycle. Which would be best? How would I deal with the dual filament of the tail light (1157 bulb) - by Thomas (Freeville, NY)
You're certainly welcome to use any of these lights to replace the bulbs in your turn signals and brakes.
Its hard to say whats best without knowing your desired effect.
You can deal with the dual filament in a few ways:
1) simply use two sets of LEDs. Have the first set turn on when the brake is at running light mode, and have the second set turn on when the brake it at full intensity.
2) use an LED dimmer to dim the LEDs when the brake is at running light mode
What is the voltage range of these LEDs ?
How bright are these ?
I was thinking two in the drink holders of my truck but I don't want anything too bright. - by Grev
Check out our Tech page https://www.oznium.com/led-bolts-prewired-leds/prewired-surface-mount-led#tech and photos!
I want to wire these into my motorcycle turn signals to alert me that they are blinking. One for the left, one for the right. Will these work/