Another Oznium exclusive mind-bending LED strip, designed with not only limitless flexibility in mind, but creating our brightest LED strip ever, the Tri-Chip Ultra Flexible Motorcycle LED Strip.

Like our other Tri-Chip LED Strips, they are by far our brightest, most durable, and most efficient LED ribbon strip, for use in any location on your motorcycle, bike, moped or scooter (just watch the exhaust!) We've added a layer of our exclusive HydroGlow nano-technology waterproofing for a fully weatherproof motorcycle LED strip, ready to take any weather conditions you're able to throw at it (or drive in).

With our exclusive dura-flex silicone formula, this super bright motorcycle LED strip is so incredibly flexible, it can easily achieve 90 degree angle bends, wrap around your finger, a saddlebag, or anything on your motorcycle / bike you'd like to mount them to. Did I mention there's ultra-strong 3M adhesive on the back to make installation even easier?

These super bright motorcycle LED strips can be shaped and bent to your hearts desire with endless possibilities for use in a myriad of locations on your: motorcycle, bike, moped, scooter, or even ATV !
  • Motorcycle LED Accent Strips - Tail Light & Brake Light Replacements : Plug and Play 12V Hookup
  • Scooter Accent Lighting - Be seen at night!
  • Bicycle / Bike LEDs - "Was that a UFO?"
  • Moped LED Lighting : Motorcycle Strips - Accent your entire bike or create underglow
  • and many, many more options...

1 Foot LED Strip : With 9 evenly spaced super-sized Tri-Chip LEDs per foot, you can be sure to get that even light spread we all desire, even when mounted close to another surface. These over-sized LED modules throw a wide spread angle of light, which always is pleasing for motorcycle LED accent lighting.

1) Units are 100% plug and play, no electronic skills or soldering required.
2) Connect the red and black wires to any 12V Power Source.
3) 3M VHB is included for a iron-clad bond that won't fail on you, or you can use 3M in a conjunction with silicone sealant for a truly seamless install, anywhere you desire.

To make life (and installation) even easier, we've included 1 foot of lead-in power wire clearly colored, so installation on your motorcycle, scooter, moped, or bike is as easy as 1-2-3. Even an LED beginner should have these installed and mounted in under 5 minutes, with our pre-wired, plug and play technology, and reverse polarity protection, you have nothing to worry about!

Motorcycle LEDs and Motorcycle LED Lighting  - 12V Motorcycle LED Bar - Strip Lighting

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