Motorcycle Accent LED Lights - Bright LED Pods & Modules - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

The price for these modules is $2.99 when I choose the qty and colors, but when I come to the shopping cart they are $9.99... What is the price of these? - by Alex (Quebec)
They are 9.99. The lower price is a large quantity discount price.
What size wire leads (gauge) come with the modules. I need to know so I can order the correct connectors. You should also add this info to the specs page. - by Chuck (Destrehan la)
20 gauge.
The amber is bright enough to see in the daytime but of course better at night.
are the cool white 5000k or 6000k?
Cool White: 9000k
I bought a set of LEDs to use for rear tail/brake light ...the hand & foot brake flashes correctly but the rear/tail light does not stay on with the bike is on and running, what do I need to get? - by Joshua (Oklahoma City, ok)
I would suggest checking your wiring. If wired to the tail light it should stay on. If you have further questions please contact Customer Service at 800-245-8131 or cs@oznium.com.
Hello... I saw a guy on youtube hook these up on the rear of his motorcycle running as;
running light, brake light and blinker. Is this possible? He mentioned a switchbox of sorts...do you know what he meant? and do you sell those? - by Andy (Saint Johns, Fl)
Are the straight led modules flexible, can they be attached to a slight curve? - by Rana (United States)
Sorry, they are not flexible.
Hiya - I'm looking for a unit for the rear of my bike that will replace the existing brake/tail lights. Will these do the combined task ie. will they grow brighter when the brake is activated or do I need one unit for each task - will the unit actually be be brighter for the brake than the tail? - by David (United Kingdom)
They will not get brighter by themselves, they will be as bright as they are. One unit for each task would be better, they will be the same brightness.
I would like to mount 4 strips on my rear fender to replace my tail light. Is it as simple as just splicing all 4 together so it's a single connection? - by Dan (Winnipeg, Canada)
I have seen a few bikes out there with the rims lit up. Is this done with 1 led and reflective tape on the rim? - by jeff
Best option is a strip mounted to the frame by the rims with the light shining onto the rims.
the wires are both black, but one has a silver wire and the other is copper in color. Which one is the positive? - by Daniel (Kodiak, AK)
Try it one way. If it works, great! If it doesn't work, flip the wires around and it will work.
Can I hook these up to another led kit that I already have on my bike and use my remote that i have now?
How long is the wire coming from the unit? - by Erica (Virginia Beach)
About 18-inches.
Can they be used as a brake light? will it dim?
Yes and yes.
I'm not quite sure how to say this; you made it etxremely easy for me!
What kind of distance is put out with the LED driving lights you mention and can you show a picture of those? - by Tim (Billings, MT.)
I'm sorry, but we don't have any way to measure how far light can travel. https://www.oznium.com/product_photos/large/4507.jpg
Can any of your LED lights be positioned and operate as turn signals on motorcycles? If so, what is needed to make this a success? - by Cory (Louisiana.)
Absolutely! Many customers have successfully used these lights as motorcycle turn signals, and I encourage you to do the same :)

It is pretty much as simple as hooking the wires up to your existing turn signal lights / wires.
I need a bright red, but your picture shows it to be more orange. Which is it?
The red is red.
Can the wire be brought out the back instead of the side so that it won't show?
Also, do you have a connector for hooking up four of these in parallel?
Sorry, this is how we sell them. We don't have any other models. No, no connector either.
If installed DIRECTLY to battery, do you have to install a switch or will they only turn on when the bike is on?
They will only be on when the bike is on and power it to them, you can also install a switch.