Waterproof Ultra Bright Slim Line Motorcycle LED Light Bar - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

What is the background color of the red strip when powered off?
If I order the extension cable and the light bar, does come connected and I have to is connect to my ground and power supply? - by Jim
The light bar and extension cable will arrive in separately sealed bags.

Once you open the bags and remove the items, you can simply plug the extension cable into the light bar and then connect the wires to your 12V power source.
Can these be used as brake lights for a bike? - by Bill (Canada)
Are there holes in this for mounting with screws? Can a hole be safely drilled? If not, how would you mount this via screws as suggested in a previous question?
There are no holes, and a hole cannot be safely drilled.
There's still plenty of creative ways you could mount this with screws. Here's just a few ideas:

You can use cable ties which have a screw hole. Then zip down the cable tie over the LED bar.
You can use cable tie mounts which can be screwed into a surface. Then stick a cable tie through the cable tie mount, and zip it down over the LED bar.
You could even use two screws, right next to each other, to sandwich the LED bar down between them.
You could glue/epoxy/3M double tape the LED bar to something, and then screw that something into your surface.
In the pictures, there appears to be an "orange color". Where can I order orange ones? - by Dustin (United States)
This "orange color" is actually what we (mistakenly) call "yellow". So please order the "yellow".
I plan to cut this into two sections. Are there wiring on both ends? - by alex (san diego, ca)
After cutting how do you waterproof it again? - by Juan (Aguadilla, Puerto Ri)
Take a touch of silicone and apply to the ends.
how do you cut them down and wire them? - by John (Vancouver, WA)
You can use whatever you want to cut them. https://www.oznium.com/product_photos/large/1870.jpg Just make sure it is cut every three LEDs. You can solder on the wires to the little connection terminals.
Can these be wired to my rear brake lights?
how does the green color match up with the flexible leds?
With every LED there is going to be a slight difference. These are made by two different companies.
what do u reccomend for mounting hardware - by Rob
Cable ties, metal clamps, screws, strong glue, etc...

Just head to your local hardware store and I'm sure you can find something that will work :)
How many mm are the LEDs? - by Mike (Raleigh NC)
Specifications for PLCC-2 Surface Mount Led
Size: 3.5 x 2.8mm
Viewing Angle: 120 degrees
Can these be used with your remote control dimmer and strobe switch
They work great with the dimmer and strobe module.
Is there a specificate type that has to be used on a 883 sportster - by Marvin
Can these be cut down to say 14"? - by Matt