2nd Gen Side Emitting LED "Headlight" Strip - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

I have purchased the side emitting leds several times. The issue I have is the silicone does dry rot from the weather and sun. I am in the process of rebuilding my headlights and would like to mount the strip inside the headlight without the silicone. Do you have them like that?
Sorry no. The waterproof strips all have the silicone.
On your new strips colors don't match your wiring diagram as the colors on the strip is brown, black and red? Can you just match up by looking at the strip and using the letters printed mean + =12 volt positive A = Amber negative and W= White negative lights..... thank you
Sorry about that. Try red as white negative, brown is amber negative and black is +12v positive. Please contact us if you continue to have issues.
How exactly do 2 strips connect together. I would need to have it reasonably seamless without a gap.
Cut the strips, cut back some silicone to access the solder pads and carefully solder them together, then re-silicone the cut portion.

If you're not comfortable soldering such tiny stuff, you may find it easier to just physically place two cut strips next to each other and power them from opposite sides. That way the the two strips don't need to be soldered in the middle.
2 questions if I cut this every 6 leds how long would each part be in inches
and would they still all work if I made jumping wires between each section?
I only need 5 - 3 inch sections twice with 1 power line in for each setup - by Dan (Joliet Illinois)
There's 42 LEDs on the standard 20 inch length.
42 / 6 = 7 segments of 6 LEDs per 20 inch length.
20" / 7 segments = 2.85" length of a 6 LED segment

Yes, they will still all work if you make jumping wires between each section.
I am interested in the dual color led strips for run light and turn signal. Will you eventually accept orders less than 100 piece minimum? I could make use of 4 but that's about it. - by Michael (North tonawanda ny)
Custom orders require a large quantity. These are already designed and in stock, you can order 4 or less.
What is the lumen output of the white LEDs? What is the color temp of the white LEDs?
10,000K, 91.7 lumens. You can find that information here: https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/2nd-gen-side-emitting-led-strip#tech
My HID headlights, parking lights, and the white part of my switchbacks are all 5000k (true white). 10000k is violet blue the warm white is yellow. Do you plan a 5000K version of this otherwise great product?
Tested, no violet color, just white.
If it is a 3 wire hookup, you show two negatives, but I have to positives and one ground. How does that wire up. I am using it for a turn signal(amber) and headlight(white).
3 wires, pictures on this page when you scroll down. https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/2nd-gen-side-emitting-led-strip#tech