Super bright & wide angle LEDs are encased in an attractive black housing. We call these guys our "Beefy" LED Strips because they are virtually indestructible. The Beefy LED Strips were developed to meet a popular demand for heavy duty applications. Trust me, put these in your wheel wells and you'll be happy. These Beefy LED strips are so tough that they'll outlast your vehicle or anything you mount them on.

Much like our Original Flexible Strips, our Beefy LED Strips are ready for 12V, weather proof, and of course super flexible. 1/2" wide x 1/4" height.

Oznium LED strips put out a minimum amount of heat, so there's no fire risk, and they'll fit in a variety of places:

  • In your garden
  • Along the deck
  • Line the patio
  • Attics and sheds
  • Around the front grille
  • Under foot-wells
  • On wheel wells
  • In the trunk
  • Under the hood
  • Along the dash
  • Wherever the heck you want them to go!

The only limitation is your imagination.