The new Diamond LED Strip is bright, bright, bright!

Perfect for wherever you need a blindingly bright, yet thin light source.

Available in one length only: 11.5"
Two colors: Cool White & Warm White

- Mostly flexible
- Has 12V power wires already attached at one end
- Can be cut every 3 LEDs. (And if you have a steady hand, you could solder new wires. But be careful, the strip is so tiny!)

Waterproof? No, it is not designed to be waterproof, but you could always put it inside a clear tube, and seal the ends with silicone.

Doesn't come with 3M tape, but you could easily apply your own to the back. Or mount with tape, glue, cable ties, etc.
There is a thin strip of aluminum on the back to help with heat dissipation.

If you need longer lengths, you could solder multiple strips together.
Or if you need 100's of a custom size/color, let us know.

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