Sold in 12" increments, our Silicone Encased LED Strips are very similar to the LED Ribbon strips. The light emitted from the these strips is not directional. The LED's are a high quality surface mount type that emits a much brighter and evenly spread glow. Beside being brighter, these strips are so flexible you could easily wrap them around almost anything.

Our strips are not only used by car enthusiasts! They are used for lighting projects by designers, developers, inventors, home owners, and if you have a creative application for these please don't hesitate to contact us for support! We're constantly working with many professionals to turn their ideas into a reality!

These LED's are very bright with a wide viewing angle. They will keep your electricity bill low as they draw very little power. They are extremely efficient and will not waste energy as heat, meaning you don't have to worry about fire danger and will not have to fight the extra heat emissions with your air conditioner. This is another benefit with our extremely bright LED's.

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