High-Intensity Home LED Flood Light Fixure - Plug and Play 12V - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

I am Building a bar and I am planing to use this flood to light the counter if the ligth is 60" away from the counter top how far a part do I need to place them for proper lighting ?
My counter top is 28" withe x 30" long - by Edgar (Rogers Arkansas)
How about using 4 evenly spaced like this:

Placemnent of LED floodlights
Are there any plans for a RGB version of this? More importantly an RGBW version? (Red/Green/Blue/Warm White) What would be involved in getting these made? - by Diego (Canada)
We are developing an RGB version.
The RGBW is certainly possible, but its had to say how popular it'd be, and thus if its worth it for us to develop it.
How many would you need?
What type of material is the housing made of?
Afternoon... what is the life of these units?
Thanks - by andrew (Ottawa canada)
50,000 hrs
I have the prewired strips for undercounter and want to use these for in the cabinets to display dishes. Can I have them on the same circuit together and on the same dimmer - by Bryan (Newmarket, Canada)
can this item be wired to a standard computer power supply? would it need anything else to operate? - by Matthew (United States)
Yes. No.
How many lumens total from a white flood at 12 volts? From a warm white flood?
how many will an 8 amp 12v power supply run - by JEFFREY (United States)
https://www.oznium.com/led-flood-and-spot-lights/high-intensity-led-floodlight#tech It depends on the color. Anywhere between 49 and 88.
When connected to a 12 volt battery what is the current draw for the bright white? - by Dominic
142.6 mA
For under cabinet lighting, how far apart would you space these for adequate light? Thanks!
It depends on the height of the cabinets, but probably every 12-18 inches.
How long are the wires that lead from the light to whatever power source I am using? I am thinking of an under cabinet installation and just want to know what I am working with.
The wires are 2'10". You can always extend the wires too.
Can These lights be hard wired into a 120V power source? Like a lighting circuit in a Kitchen? - by Tony
Yes, just use one of our AC Adapters.
can they be used with a standard low voltage outdoor lighting system? - by Hank (merritt island, fl)
Yes if it is 12 volts.
I am building a light stand for a show car. What distance from the vehicle do you recommend? I am looking to hi-light the paint and will be using 4 stanchions figuring about two light units for each stand. - by Frank (Bethel, CT)
6 ft.
Can these be dimmed with a dimmer switch?
What are the power requirements for these? load resistance? - by Name
just connect these LEDs to your 12V power source and you will have the smallest flood light you've ever seen!