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Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

can these be used outside to uplight planters? will it hold water on the lens. looks concave.
Yes, these are waterproof for outdoor use.
What is the CRI of the white lights?
CRI 65.
Are these spots and drivers UL listed?
No they are not.
Can I drill a hole in 2' x 2' contractor ceiling tile and drop the spot light in without any housing? Would it cause fire hazard? I'm using LED spot light in place of halogen spotlight in restaurant for 12 hours
You're welcome to do that. I don't see why it would cause a fire hazard.
how to I chain 27 LED spotlight together with a 5 amp AC adapter?
Just splice the wires and wire them all up to your AC Adapter.
I want a few of these to submerge into a fish tank. Let's say I want to put into the tank 10 blue ones, do i need anything other than the LEDs and the adapter? - by Darren (Vancouver, Canada)
Nope. You're all set.
How long are the leads? - by Lucien (Pasadena)
34 inches.
Does it matter whether they are wired both in series and parallel? - by Richard (Punta Gorda, FL)
It does not matter.
Thanks for the video. A good application video would be a dark room 8 ft ceiling. Aiming up at the ceiling. Or maybe a viseo of your livingroom setup with too behind your television set. - by Richard (Punta Gorda, FL)
Thanks, we will work on that. Great suggestion.
What is the lumen output?
Warm white if the highest at 84.2. This information is now on the website under the Technical Info tab.
could i fit this in to a 3'4 inch tube? - by Gabe (cupertino ca)
Please click on the "Technical Info" tab to see the dimensions.
do the spots come with a single led or do they have a cluster of led's - by phil
Single led with a lens that narrows beam width
Can these lights be used as a pin spot for a mirror ball as in DJ use? - by Ken (Ladson, SC)
Yes, certainly. Go for it.
for multiple lights hookup, do you hookup in series or parallel?
thanks - by David (Chino Hills, CA)
led spotlights would be hooked up in parallel.
I would like to use these as an accent light inside of a display case that is made of wood. I am not sure if this would be safe as far as starting a fire or something. - by Ruby
It will not start a fire
I see that the housing can heat 120 to 130 degrees fahrenheit during "continuous operation". How long does til they get this hot. What do you recomend for clearance around the lights? - by Sarah
It will reach temperature fairly quickly, I would just not rest anything on the light while in use, but haven't ever heard of people saying the temperature affected their use.
Could I run these from a 12VAC landscape light circuit with a full wave bridge rectifier? - by Tom
We are not sure, but feel free to try!
Could you use the spotlights to light an American flag 20' up? If so, how many lights? - by Jeff (Eldersburg, MD)
Yes you can certainly use these LED spotlights to light up an American flag, however it is difficult to say how many you'd need, because there's lots of variables (flag size, ambient light, etc).

I'd suggest starting with 10 or so, and seeing if it is bright enough.
can I use an ac adapter from an old radio to power this or any other led light? - by Carl (Pennellville, NY)
It depends. Does the AC Apapter put out 12vdc?
Do you have any swivel mounts for these units. I need 5 more units with mounts if available. - by John (Memphis, TN)
We do not offer any mounting hardware for these, but I'm sure you can find or build a swivel mount. Check out your local hardware store.
are these dimmable?
What would be brighter from a distance the Spot lamp or the flood lamp?
A spot would be better from a distance
how many lights can be powered by a single 3.5 amp ac adapter
Probably about 30 to 40
what is the wavelength for red, blue, orange - by michael (ohio)
Wavelength: Min 460nm, Typ 470nm, Max 490nm