Finally, a home floodlight (comes additional curved lense to turn it into a spotlight!) that won't raise your electricity bill beyond belief - or raise the room's temperature by 10-20 degrees.

The Eclipse™ High-Intensity Home LED Spotlight by Oznium has arrived, and ready to take on any job (or lack of proper lighting) you're able to throw at it.

Our Home LED light features a built-in high efficiency aluminum heat-sink to so little to no heat output emanates from the fixture - ensuring years of stable & uninterrupted use of your super bright LED.

10W, 20W and 50W Eclipse Spotlights are available now.

    Features of 20W & 50W Eclipse Spotlight:

  • Share the same lenses: Diameter of the 10W & 20W eclipse lenses mounting rings are same.
  • Fully waterproof with IP68 rating: All circuits inside are wholly covered by epoxy. It can be used under water (Note: 20W is waterproof, but 10W is NOT waterproof)
  • Much brighter: 20W CREE LED provides double lumens brighter than the 10W eclipse spotlight
  • Perfect for Flounder Gigging applications: Bottom of the 20W spotlight can be unscrewed and opened to install the standard 1" threaded pipe

Caution: 50W eclipse light green is for UNDER WATER use only

- 50W eclipse LED is needed to run under water for cooling, otherwise it will be too hot and burnt out.

10W & 20W & 50W eclipse

20W Flounder Gigging

10W, 20W & 50W eclipse spotlight comes with the same lenses, flat & curved.
Eclipse 10W 20W 50W

Eclipse plug style

10 watt led light example

Other applications:

You are currently viewing Architectural applications for our Eclipse High Power LED.

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