Warm White LED Chandelier Bulb - E14 Edison small screw-in base FAQs

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LED Chandelier Bulb - Warm White
LED Chandelier Bulb - Warm White
Q: I'm looking to replace window candles. C7 ones aren't bright enough...would these be overkill with brightness? 140 lm may be too bright. Thoughts? Also, is color 2700?
A: Its subjective whether it'll be too bright. Hard to say without actually trying it and seeing for yourself.

Yes, the Warm White is 2700k.
Q: Can I please get these in Bright white?
A: Sure, how many do you need?
Q: What is the rated life on them?
A: About 50,000 hours.
Q: Is it dimmable?
A: No
Q: What is the lumen output per unit or incandescent wattage equivalent? This would be critical information to know. - by Mike (Bethlehem, PA)
A: Lumen output: 140 lm
Actual power consumption: 3W
Incandescent wattage equivalent: 25W