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Extreme Million Color Light Bulb
Extreme Million Color Light Bulb
Q: Are the intermediary colors PURE colors, or a visible mixture of two colors projected simultaneously? (I have an inexpensive version that makes "aqua" by projecting blue + green, both of which show up, and "purple" by projecting red + blue, for example) - by Caroline (New Jersey, U.S.A.)
A: The red, green, blue chips make up the colors so not true colors.
Q: Does the bulb come with a remote? - by Carlos (Montreal)
A: As mentioned on the product page, the remote is sold separately, so unless you buy a remote, the bulb won't come with one.
Q: What is the difference between spot and globe? Which one is in the picture - by Chauncey (Spring, TX)
A: The one pictured is the Spot, which gives a narrow angle spotlight beam. The globe gives a wide floodlight beam and casts light in all directions.

Globe vs. Spot LED bulb
Q: I have previously purchased this item from you, but I have lost the remote. Can I order another- just the remote? Thanks. - by Ryan
A: Yes, of course!
We offer the Replacement Million Color Bulb Remote separately.
Q: How many watts are these lights
A: 5 watts.
Q: I am building a bubble water feature in a large shopping mall. If I put two of these lights on the top pointing down and two underneath pointing up, would I get a pure color and would it be enough in that setting? - by Charlie (Richfield, Minnesota)
A: That should work for you, you would get either solid colors of red, green, blue or the RGB spectrum.
Q: Do I need a specific driver or controller for led's
A: Not for the Extreme Million Color Light Bulb
Q: will it light up a porch 16ft x 25ft i dont meen to be dum what is the differance between a spot & globe
A: The spot if flat on top, the globe is round like a light bulb. It will pretty much light the porch, only ambient lighting though.
Q: will it light up a porch 16ft x 25ft
A: Yes. Will give good amount of ambient light.
Q: What differences are there between the white led and rgb leds other than color?
A: White is brighter.
Q: Will this work in Australia 240v 50hz? - by Chris (Australia)
A: Yes, the bulb is rated from 90-220 V AC, 50-60Hz. This is a direct replacement for a standard US bulb.
Q: What is the average life expectancy of a bulb?
Can one color be used without fader for an extensive period?
If yes, would it reduce the life of the bulb? - by Frank (Mohammed)
A: 3-5 years.
Yes, Just select the color.
Q: Heat? How hot these get
A: Not very.
Q: Can this bulb be used for a pool light? The light has a self contained, water tight container that holds the bulb.
A: Yes!
Q: Are they remote specific? If I have one remote will it control multiple lights? That is the preference for my application. Can they be set up with separate remotes? - by Rich (Wisconsin)
A: One remote will run multiple lights, they are on the same frequency.
Q: Hi. Saw a few people asked if multiple bulbs can be used on one remote. How many bulbs can be used off of one remote? - by Taylor (Texas)
A: Basically an unlimited number of bulbs can be controlled from the same remote.
Q: How far away will the remote control's signal reach? - by Jeremy (Cedartown, GA)
A: 20 to 30 feet
Q: These bulbs appear programmable from the buttons on the remote. I purchased four of them but they didn't come with a manual, if programming is possible (what color to start, what fade pattern, etc) can you post the manual? - Jack - by Jerry (Miramar, FL)
A: Programming in this way is not possible.

These are the buttons you use to control it.
Q: Is their a bulb like this that can replace the regular white light inside the car on a 2006 Monte carlo - by mr.414 (mill)
A: No, just the dome lights are similar, but not million colors.
Q: can you control the speed of the fade function and can you choose a specific color spectrum to fade in and out of? - by Parth (Florida)
A: Unfortunately there is no way to control the speed
Q: How bright are these. IE how many incandesent watts would be needed to make up?
A: These are very bright bulbs when used in a dark environment. Due to the lumen ratings however, they are best used as accent lighting in rooms / dark areas, rather than sunny, bright areas for BEST visibility. Check out how bright they are in the YouTube video on the 1st page in a dark room. The bulb will flood a completely dark room, even whilst having the beam of a spotlight!
Q: Can these be used outdoors? - by Ron (Illinois)
A: They are not waterproof.
Q: What about 220V 50Hz? - by Henk (Netherlands)
A: Hi: This will also work fine. The bulb is rated from 90-220 V AC, 50-60Hz. This will work fine in your outlet, providing you have a proper E26 or E27 base. -K
Q: would this work in a 120v 60Hz 360mA socket? - by Noah (elk grove california)
A: Yes! 120V 60Hz is perfect for this bulb. It's a direct replacement for any standard US light socket.
Q: can it " pulse ", so it can simulate fire? - by George (Columbia Falls, Mont)
A: I would suggest the 'Fading' effect / slow fade in and out of a Red to simulate fire. This bulb can create many different light modes / settings to create a full light show from a single standard light outlet!
Q: Is it possible to sync multiple bulbs spread across an entire room to the same color fades?
A: Yes, just power them on at the same time to keep them in sync, and instead of using the remote to change their color or cycles, use power-cycles (turn on and off quickly / use a momentary power switch) to switch the modes. Perfectly synced show across any amount of lights! -K
Q: can one remote control more then one LED bulb at the same time? - by Luis (Hastings, NE)
A: Yes, one remote can control multiple bulbs. To avoid interference, just aim close (within 4-5) of the unit you'd like to control.