Oznium's EX-38 (Extreme Flood Light) is an advanced PAR-38 Bulb packed with 165 ultra-high powered LEDs. This product was designed for one reason: Flood Lighting - so you can be sure it will stand up to any application you throw at it.

This LED Flood Light was created for any interior or exterior applications, and are able to be housed in virtually any fixture regardless of its location. By using a massive array of 165 independent Gen II Light engines, the EX-38 provides a large amount of illumination power at a low price, and even lower energy footprint. While only 9.5 watts of energy usage, this flood light produces light equivalent to a 75 Watt incandescent flood light.

Literally save hundreds of watts while still keeping your outside perimeter fully lit, and drastically lowering your energy bill.

Mounting these in a very high or inaccessible location? That's OK! These have an average life of 50,000+ hours which means less maintenance, a lower energy bill, and less trips to the hardware store for replacement bulbs.

PAR 38 Flood Light Home Interior Outdoor LED Lamp Bulb

Oznium PAR38 Home LED Outdoor Flood Light / Lamp

The EX-38 is available in traditional warm white and high intensity cool white, to suit any need you may have: residential, industrial, or security lighting. The EX-38 also features a durable weather-proof housing allowing its installation anywhere outdoors, regardless of the environment.