Outdoor Motion Sensor LED Light - Security Flood Light - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

can this be adapted with the Oznium "Fade-in Fade-out LED Dimmer" so that the motion sensor causes fade-in and the time-out trigger causes fade-out?
Yes, it can work like that. There are wiring diagrams on our website under the Fade-in Fade-out dimmer.
how can I extend the time the light stays on?
There are three buttons on the top of the motion sensor, the middle one is for time adjustment.
Can I hardwire this light to the Romex in an electrical outlet box? Specifically the 10 watt light.
How long the warranty will come with it?
One year.
Can you provide information on how to rewire it? - by Satish (Brooklyn, NY)
No diagrams available. You can remove the sensor piece and wire the internal wires together.
Is there a way to keep the light on all the time after the sun goes down? In other words, deactivate the motion sensor? - by Satish (United States)
The only way would be to remove the motion sensor and by-pass it by rewiring some wires inside.
Can this be wired to a switch and not use the motion sensor? - by Roland (Hawai)
Its possible, but not too simple. You'd have to open it up and re-wire something.
Can I extend the length of the wire using Romex and add a plug to the end of it?
Will there be a 5000k version available?
No plans for a 5000k version, although we can certainly make one.
Can you buy at least 25 pcs?
Do you have this in 12 volt dc???
Love my 20 watt Eclipse spotlight from you. - by Doug (Elkhorn, Wi)
Sorry, we don't stock this in 12vdc.
Do you have any idea when the 50w version of this light is going to be back in stock? - by Vincent (United States)
Hoping soon, no exact ETA yet.