ATC Fuse Holder - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

I'm installing 12v led lights strip with 2 amps inline fuse in the hood of my car. My question is if can fuse tap it in 10 amps front fog light fuse or in 7.5 amps interior light fuse.
You can, although it would be most advisable to connect the LED light strip directly to the battery using the proper gauge wire and a fuse that is rated for the current draw of the LED strip. For example, if the LED strip has a maximum current draw of 2 amps, you should use a 2 amp fuse. This will provide the necessary protection for the LED strip and the vehicle's electrical system.
Wiring a 2 way normally closed 12v air valve switch from the car battery to an on dash push button switch, what size in line fuse do I need?
2-5 amps.
I'm going to add 2 6mm led lights to my cup holder by tapping into a pre-existing factory ambient light in my console do I need an in line fuse for this?
Not really. You can just wire directly to the factory wiring.
How many accessories can I run on 1 3amp fuse on my motorcycle at any one time thanks jm - by Lorraine (Leeds england)
Leds don't use much power so depending on the led you can run quite a few. It all depends on what type leds you use.
where can I get this ATC Fuse Holder?
Oznium.com sells it of course :)
Click the big red "Add to Cart" button on the product page. You can't miss it!
are these fuses only necessary if running directly to the battery? eg i run my aftermarket lighting to either my fog lights or parking lights or interior light or the acc power on stereo harnesses then to a switch. all those sources have fuses in the cars main fuse box. would running a 2nd fuse in between the power source i tapped into and the switch conflict with the first fuse? never had issues but always best to be safer then sorry - by troy (Canada)
Best to always run an line fuse from the battery, other power sources have fuses so not necessary.
I'm thinking about doing cup holder LEDs for my car. Most likely will use 4 blue-prewired superfluxes connected to one LED rocker switch. Presumably the 16 gauge wire would work, what amp fuse should I use? - by Derek (East Brunswick, NJ)
3 amp will be fine
can i run the fuse to a 18 gauge then down to a 22 gage wire that would be hooked to leds ?? or can i just run the 22 gauge wire to the fuse wire ? it just doesnt make sense running a small wire gauge to a bigger one but any info would be appreciated - by jason (hernandez)
Either way will work.
Wanna install my 55inch light bar can you tell me what size wire to used
Cheers - by Chris (Darwin)
14 or 18 gauge.
Im installing 4 9inch tube led underdash kit with 12v 20amp toggle switch and a add a fuse fuse tap.can i plug into any open space in fuse box or what fuse should i use
A smaller fuse would be better, 2-3 amp.
I have 5 12v led strips and 5 on/off toggle switches i want to wire them too. I read different posts saying i need a fuse and others saying i can hook the positive wire straight to the battery, does that work just to hook it to the battery without fuses?
A fuse isn't required for the lights to work. You can still hook them up directly to the battery.

But most people still want to use a fuse to protect the circuit and wiring in case of a short.

As a similar example, you don't need to wear a seatbelt in order to drive a car. It doesn't do much good when everything is running smoothly. But if there's a crash, it is quite useful.
I'm installing two led strips and a rocker switch, what size fuse should I use,
Should I go from the fuse box or straight from the battery..
Thanks.. Bruce - by Bruce (Texas)
2 or 4 amp fuse will be fine. You can go from with the battery or the fuse box.
I'm running an 8 gauge wire 25' from a 12v battery to run some electronics. What size fuse near the battery do I need to protect the 8 gauge wire? All the electronics have their own fuse. - by Michael (Florida Keys)
Depends on how much power is pulled from each product.
I am going to connect 4 300 light white light strips together to backlight a bar. Each strip pulls 2 amps, how big of a dimmable driver is needed? - by Chuck (scottsdale az)
An 8 Amp dimmable driver.
Im planning to install 6 led strips(purple) in my car. 15 leds per strip. So what amp fuse should i use? And what type of wire should i use?
It depends on the strip. Each length and color will pull something different. Check out our tech page on the product you want for how much they pull.
does it matter what size wire
can you have to big of a fuse?
I have 5 12v led strips under my truck, 2 5ft stripes,2 1ft strips, and 1 2ft strip all wired together, each strip has its own ground. with 16 guage positive and ground wire. (couldnt get 18guage) I had it connected to a 10 amp fuse inside but blew. then I connected it to a different 10amp fuse and It instantly melted the switch. so now I want to wire it directly to the battery with a in-line fuse and wondering what size fuse should i get with 16 guage?
A 3 amp would be sufficient.
could i use a 7.5 instead of 5 amp fuse
Where would i put the fuse if i am going from 12v batterys to rgb color changer to switch to splitter to possibly 1 or 2 16ft leds and what amp will they need to be thx - by Shawn
The Fuse always goes after the battery and the next object (controller, switch, etc)
I will be going from a 12v regular battery then to a 3 knob million color changer to possibly 2 16 ft rgb led watterproof strip and what amp fuse should i use? ) i am only 13 so please put it in simple terms - by Shawn (Meridian MS)
A 5-Amp fuse.
Hello I'm running 6 12" LED light stripes to a LED switch in my dash and putting a 6 poll fuze box on the firewall so I'm running the wire from the battery to the box and need to no what size fuze I should've running I have a 15amp in it now but haven't tryed it yet by reading the posts I think I'm to high with the 15amp ? Any help would be helpful.
Rob, - by Rob (Bradenton Fl)
15 amps is way to high. It depends on how many mA your strips are pulling. Check the tech page of the strips you ordered.
I have four six inch LED strips wired in my truck. I am pulling power off of my cigarette lighter, with a 5 amp fuse on the power wire to a switch. Does this sound ok? - by Ross (Texas)
Sounds fine.
does each cathode have to have a fuse on it?
if so where do i install it?
i have four cathodes i want to hook up. - by Daniel (Washington, DC)
You're welcome to use a single fuse, and install it between your power source, and the cathode transformer.
I am installing led washer nozzles with a switch. The wire is 26awg so what fuse holder and fuse size should I get to install in between the battery and switch?
Depends on how much the washer nozzle pulls. Contact the manufacture. We don't see those.
I have 7 12v led strips connected to my bike. Each strip has 24 LED's. I just want to control them with a normal switch. First, what exactly is the purpose of adding a fuse holder instead of just wiring them directly from the battery to the switch? Also, what fuse should I use and what gauge wires should I use for it?
This is what happens if you don't use a fuse.

The fuse size depends on how much each strip pulls. Each strip and color pulls a different amount. Any gauge from 16-22 gauge will be fine.
I am running 2 9 inch LED side emitting ribbons. Is a 5 amp fuse too much? - by Kaz
Yes. Use a 2-3 amp at most.
what size fuse do i need for this fuse holder...for 2 12inch lights
It depends on the mA that each strip pulls.
I wanted to add puddle lights under my car. I would use led strips. I dont know anything about this but obviously from the video one would go to the battery but where does the other one go to? And does it matter what gauge wire to use? and if you use this would it be possible to hook it up to the car so the lights would turn on when you open and unlock the door?
One wire goes to the battery or power source, the other wire is the ground, to be attached to metal somewhere near the power source. Wire should be 14 to 18 gauge. You could the Adjustable Door Pin Switch [https://www.oznium.com/pin-switch], or hook it into the same circuit as the door lights or dome light.
I want to wire up 10, RGB Led strips in parallel. Each strip has 6 leds and each strips draw would be 120mA. The controller is 108W output, 3 amps per channel (9 Total). Its working off a 12 volt motorcycle battery. What size inline fuse should I use?

Also I have a 7.5A fuse in now, and 20 gauge wire connecting everything in parallel will this work fine?
120 mA x 10 strips=1200 mA or 1.2 amps. A 2 amp fuse would be enough, most of our wire is 14 to 18 gauge, 20 ga should work.
which side of the in line fuse holder is actually the line side? - by Rob (winter park fl)
Both sides are the same.
I wanna run 12" LEDs strip under my dash, what fuse should I get? is it ok to get the 4 channel Remote Control On/Off Switch - LEDs, 12 volt accessories too. - by Romeo (San Jose, CA)
The size fuse depends on how many lights you are using. If using RGB strips, you could use the 4 Channel Remote to control them. Sorry, not sure what you are trying to do here.
I want to run x4 1 Foot LED's and i want to use the 3 foot extensions to daisy chain everything together I'm using 5 extension cables all together. Would that be possible? If so what gauge wire would i use and what fuse? I also would like to hook them up to the battery since its in the trunk next to the first LED. - by Daniel (Houston, TX)
Yes, you can daisy chain them together. 18 gauge wire works fine, we also sell this [https://www.oznium.com/wire-12v-and-relays/hookup-wire]. The fuse size depends on what lights and how many you are using.
I'm looking to put some LED Strips in my Wheel wells. What is your suggestion for doing so. What size strips should i get. I want to wire this to a switch in my car so what kind of fuse would I need. What would be the best/recommended source of power?
Thanks guys. - by Matt (Long Island)
The size of each vehicle wheel well will vary. Measure the inside of the well to see how much space you have. The fuse size is determined by how long the strip(s) is/are. You can use any standard 18 gauge wire for the power source.
i am running 1 4" cathode what amp fuse should i use - by josh (san antonio tx)
Any fuse from 1 to 5 amps is fine.
Hi im buying 2 Side Emitting LED Strips what kind of fuse should i need? thanks
The current draw is about 100 mA per foot. That equals .1amps per foot. Depending one the number of feet, makes the fuse size.
If I am ghetto-rigging this cathode into the fusebox underneath my dash for my headlights so cathodes only come on when my lights are on, do i need to wire an inline fuse from the current fuse for my lights? The existing fuse is 15A i believe... Thanks! - by Nicholas (Arizona)
Not if you wire it to the non power side of the fuse. Please use a test light and make sure the side you connect the wire to does not have power to it when the wire is attached if the fuse is not in.
if i use a 5 amp fuse for 6 LEDs will that be fine since i cant find a 3amp anywere? and whats the diffrence between a mini inline fuse holder and a regular one - by Michael (Highland Park, IL)
5 amp would be to much. Look for a 2-3 amp fuse.

The difference is convenience and placement.
* What amp fuse do i use if im connecting 2 transformers and 4 Cathodes? i dont want to blow them? - by Dillon (vancouver washington)
A set of cathodes draws .7 amps. Therefore 2 sets would draw 1.4 amps. Please use a fuse accordingly.
can i connect 2 cathodes kits in 1 fuse holder of 16 gauge and can i used a 3 amp fuse..or whatt fuse will wrok best... - by Mainor (Capitol Heights, MD)
Yes, you can connect 2 cathode kits to 1 fuse. A 3 amp fuse will work great.
hi im useing 60 leds one 4.7 in and two 9.5's of the flexable led strips, what kinda fuse or how many amp's do i need?? - by Michael (Highland Park, IL)
How about a 5 amp fuse
what do you mean ground? what am i connecting it to? - by Michael (Highland Park, IL)
You connect the fuse holder to the positive of the battery. The negative/ground of the lights usually is connected to the negative/ground of the battery, or metal part of the car.
I have 2 weatherproof LED ribbons, one 1ft. the other 2 ft. Do I connect it in a series or parallel and do i need to connect a fuse to it?
If you are connecting directly from your car battery you will need a in-line fuse holder and fuse.
If you are drawing power from a pre-existing source light a cigarette light,
you need not worry about a fuse, your cigarette lighter is already stock fused.
Always connect in parallel, all positives and negatives wired together to the power source.
Hey, I'm putting 4 Extremely bright pre-wired superflux 4-chip LED's in my vents and was wondering what fuse holder and type of fuse to put it in to make it work. I will be splicing into my Cigarette Lighter since i dont use the thing.

wont need to buy any wire i dont think because the vents arn't very far apart - by Corey (Newfoundland)
Considering the cig lighter in your car is already fused, I wouldn't even bother adding a second fuse.

You'll probably need at least a few feet of wire for the install.
Can I put a 10 Amp fuse in a 16 gauge fuse holder and not blow the fuse? What is the max amp fuse I could put in the 16 gauge fuse holder? - by Ryan (Howell, MI)
I don't think the Fuse Holder has much to do with whether the fuse will blow out or not.
If you put a 5 amp fuse in the fuse holder and your electrical current is greater that 5 amps the fuse will blow.
The Fuse Holder is exactly that, it just holds the fuse.
one end of the adaptor goes to the battery and what does the other end connect to?
The other end connects to the positive wires on whatever you are connecing to it.
i'm buying 2 ribbon strips and 4 straight led modules what kind of fuse should i need ? thanks
You will need at least a 5 to 7.5 amp fuse.
I probably diddn't read the description well, but how long is the wire that comes with it? And aprox. what size fuze will i need if i want to run olny 2 cathode kits? - by Kristopher (INDIANA)
It comes with about 3 inches on either side of the fuse holder.
I'm going to install about 5 superflux 4's first but I know I will be installing more later would it be ok to go with a higher amp fuse right off the bat or would that blow out my other led's since there wont be that many? - by Jay (las vegas)
That will be fine. A higher amp fuse will not blow out your LEDs.
i have a power source that runs 10 guage wire and i need to splice into it with a 16 guage wire to power a utility light what is the best way to do this
Solder the two wires together and then protect it with heat shrink tubing. Maybe some electrical tape after that if you wanna be really professional about it.
ok I'm going to run 2 9.5 and 2 4.7 LED strips to a LED OEM style switch. I'm guessing I would be ok with 16 gauge and a 3 amp fuse correct? Also would the power wire from the battery go to one prong on the switch and the other 2 prongs be for the LED power and the LED ground? - by Elliott (Raleigh NC)
Yes, yes
I have a 3 amp fuse running two cathode kits right now, I'm about to order 3 more cathode kits and 4 superflux leds....Should I stay with the 3 amp or move to the 5 amp fuse? - by Steve
Considering each cathode kit draws .7 amps, and you have 5 cathode kits, that is 3.5 amps of current from the cathode kits. You must increase the fuse size to 5 amps.
I want to run 2 or 3 cathode kits and 4 superflux leds. What amp fuse would I use? Thanks. - by David
A 3 amp fuse would be sufficient. Each cathode transformer draws approx. 0.7 amps, and LEDs draw very very little current.
im going for a huge sysem for my tc with about
14 4 chip LEDs
4 oem rockers no LED tips
1 cathode kit
4 9.5 flex strips.
would that require 10 or 16 gauge and what fuse should i use?
14 x 4-chip superflux LEDs @ 80ma each = 1.12 amps
1 x cathode kit @ 700ma each = 0.7 amps
4 x 9.5" flex strips @ 160ma each = 0.64 amps
Total: 2.46 amps

How about using a 5 amp fuse, and either the 10 or 16 gauge fuse holder will work fine.
I wanna run about 6-8 LEDs - will the 16 gauge wire be able to handle it? And what amp fuse should I use?
16 will handle just fine (actually a smaller gauge such as 20 is even more ideal), and a 3 amp fuse is fine.