ATC Fuse for LEDs & Automotive wiring - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Hi. Im adding a varad vs350bl led scanner to my alarm. It said to use a fuse to a constant power source I wanted to use (add-A-circuit) and the negative ground wire to (ground when armed on alarm) can I use a add a circuit with this to the fuse box? and what the recommended amperage fuse to use wwith the scanner? Also would I need a inline fuse to go with the (add-A-circuit)? Or is the (add-A-circuit) enough thanks. - by Junior (Va.)
You can use the add-a-circuit. You'll also need a fuse to go with it. A 3 to 5 amp will be fine.
Do you deliver to Ireland - by Ralph (Ireland)
i have a jazzy wheelchair model 1113. it has a red 7.5 amp fuse. can i replace it with at atc 7.5 amp fuse? - by Robert (chesterfield va)
I want to use four green 9.7" Flexible LED Strips, attached to one of your LED Round Rocker Switches. Drawing the 12v source by tapping to an open slot in my driver side fuse box. What amp size fuse will I need for those four lights and switch? - by Jim (Lancaster, Ca)
3 or 5 amp would be just fine
I got the 1 channel remote control from Oznium in the pass, on wiring diagram shown that the receiver have a fuse but no mention what amp fuse to use. The remote control switch that I got have an output of 6 amp max, hook up directly to a pair of Trojan T-105 (hook up in series to obtained 12 VDC for lighting uses) is this safe to use 5 amp fuse. Thanks - by Rocky (Guam)
The fuse size is determined by the amount of amps your lights or product will be pulling. 5 should be fine for case.
My setup only uses 230 mA. Do I still need a fuse? If so which one should i get? - by Mikhael (Estero, FL)
Yeah, grab a 2 amp.
If I run the power to the dome light would I need a fuse still? - by Colby (Honolulu)
This may have already been answered, but please let me know if this set up does't work:
I was going to set up two systems, one with a switch and one with the flash music interface. Can I buy two Add-A-Circuit and set up the systems? Also, what fuse should I use in these cases, the fuses that were there before or something else? Ex. if I attach two tri-chip led strips to one and a few RGB LEDs to the music/flash interface. Thanks
Yes it would work. It depends on what the product is; a 2 amp would be fine for the tri chip and rgb LEDs
i just want to know the answer if i used a higher amp of fuse to motorcycle it will be safe either i put a higher amp fuse..because the standard stock inserted to my fusebox was 10amp of fuse so if i change it to a higher or lower fuse amp what will be happen? my motorcycle battery is 12volts and 3 amp. - by drew (philippines)
Don't use a fuse higher then what is in there now.
my fuse in my motorcycle has a stock of 10 amp, and then after a a year the fuse blew up, my motorcycle was a battery operated. it will be safe if i used a higher amp of fuse? example i used an 25amp of fuse if its possible to cause a problem in my motorctcle? - by Amdrew (Philippines)
Are you using an LED product? I wouldn't use anything other then what the manual says to use.
If I am using the Junction Box, that has two 4.7" Flexible LED Strips, and two Superflux 4-chip LED's hooked up to it. Then a rocker switch hooked up through the power wire. What fuse will I need?

And do I just put the fuse holder "after" the switch, then the rest of the wire to the battery? If thats right. - by Gant
I'd put a 3 amp fuse close to the battery.
if im using an add-a-fuse accesory wired to the fuse box do i need to use an inline fuse or is the fuse in the add-a-fuse enough? - by Joe
As long as you are fusing your LED products to something, be it the fuse box or an add-a-fuse you will be ok. One fuse is enough
If the draw of the products I am purchasing is about 400 mA, which amp rating should I choose for a fuse?
a 1-3Amp fuse will be sufficient
Which amp fuse would you suggest if i were using the inline fuse holder on the positive wire from the remote control relay box to my car battery? I am running 2 of the 19" flexible LED strips with this.. - by Wes
5 amp
I have the cathode kit, but I am only using one of the cathodes. What size fuse would be appropriate, a 1 amp fuse?
The cathode kit draws 0.7 amps. Multiple 0.7 by the number of cathode kits you are using, and use a fuse slightly larger than that number.
If I am using two 9.5 inch flex strips what fuse will i need?
A 5amp fuse would do just fine.
I've 4" cathode kit so which amp should I use? - by Fernando (Hightstown, NJ)
You will be safe using a 5amp Fuse.
the flexstrips are 28" each. i plan on adding more to the wheel wells one 28" strip in each wheel well. will have a larger fuse than needed affect anything?
As you can see from the Flex Strip Technical Page, each 28" strip uses about 480 mA. As a practical matter, you should just go with a 5 amp fuse. Using a slightly larger fuse than needed will not affect much.
which fuse will i need for 4 flex strips?
It depends on the size of the flex strips because each flex strip draws a different amount of amperage.
What is the purpose of a fuse? - by Bert
Fuses protect a circuit in case of a short or malfunction.
what size fuse do i need for the streetglow wheel well kit?
I'd try a 5 amp fuse
my 1956 ford clock uses a 1amp fuse.i installed a painless wire harness. what atc fuse can be used for my clock.i was thinking 3 amp. what do you advise - by John (forked river,n.j.)
3 amp is the closest we have available. Fuses are fairly common, so if you really wanted a 1 amp fuse, they can be found in many online or actual stores.
How do I know which AMP I need?

What are the consequences of not using the fuse? Many people seem to just ignore the fuse.
You need to add up the current draw from all the products that are going to be on that circuit.

The point of the fuse is to "blow" / break the circuit / stop giving power when more amperage runs through it that is supposed to.

If you have a product that draws 5 amps, you could put a 5 amp fuse on it. But... with normal fluctuations in the current draw, it could sometimes spike and draw say, 5.5 amps.

Rather than having your 5 amp fuse blow all the time, you'd want to put a 7.5 amp fuse on it and still be safe.

What the fuse really protects against is: suppose a power wire accidentally makes contact with a ground wire and creates a short. Without a fuse, there would be lots of amperage running through that wire. Instead of 5 amps, it could be 50 or 100. That much current could melt the wire and start a fire.

So start by adding up the current draw from all the components you are using, then add a little more for normal fluctuations.