Heavy-Duty UL Listed Electrical Insultation Tape - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Hi! If I have no experience with a soldering iron, could I twist two wires together and wrap it with electrical tape?
HI, Could this electrical tape be used to insulate GTO Wire? Thanks - by Henry (California)
does the adhesive side conduct current as well or does it just insulate?
Hi! Could you use this electrical tape to join wires and LED electrodes together if you don't have any welding experience? What about other methods? I've heard about a gel or something that does the same thing. I'd like to connect the LED's to a pcb eventually. - by Lenita (Dallas, TX)
Electrical tape is not meant to join wires. It simply insulates wires. To join wires, you could solder, use crimp terminals, twist wires together, etc.