Heavy-Duty UL Listed Electrical Insultation Tape FAQs

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Electrical Insulation Tape
Electrical Insulation Tape
Q: Hi! If I have no experience with a soldering iron, could I twist two wires together and wrap it with electrical tape?
A: Yes!
Q: HI, Could this electrical tape be used to insulate GTO Wire? Thanks - by Henry (California)
A: Yes
Q: does the adhesive side conduct current as well or does it just insulate?
A: Insulates
Q: Hi! Could you use this electrical tape to join wires and LED electrodes together if you don't have any welding experience? What about other methods? I've heard about a gel or something that does the same thing. I'd like to connect the LED's to a pcb eventually. - by Lenita (Dallas, TX)
A: Electrical tape is not meant to join wires. It simply insulates wires. To join wires, you could solder, use crimp terminals, twist wires together, etc.