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Quick Splice Connector
Quick Splice Connector
Q: Are these genuine WAGO brand or in-house brand?
A: More of an in-house.
Q: Is there a similar design for #10 gauge stranded? - by Brian (United States)
A: That gauge might fit in there, you can try.
Q: How well would these work with 22-28 AWG? - by Ben
A: They would work fine.
Q: What are the maximum dimensions of both the 3 pin and 5 pin? Length, width, height?
A: That information is here: https://www.oznium.com/install-bay/quick-wire-splice-connector#tech
Q: Could you waterproof these by installing all the wires and dipping the complete
unit into an epoxy???
A: Yes.
Q: The orange tabs broke off of my five lead, can this be replaced? It's brand new.
A: Yes, you can contact customer service or enter a warranty claim in your account.
Q: can you open them up and reuse
A: Yes, of course. You can pull up the little orange lever again and again.
Q: How are these typically mounted? 3M tape? Keyhole for a screwhead? - by Calvin (Kirkwood, PA)
A: You can mount them with anything. 3M tape, glue, zip ties, etc.
Q: So this will basically turn one positive wire into 3 or 5 new leads
A: Yes, you can think of it like that.
Q: what awg range do these work with? - by Tom (Oregon)
A: 16-20 gauge.