Self Tap-In Fuse Holder - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

I am looking to wire up 3 of your LED Modules with a fuse, what size fuse should I use? Also, would this Self Tap-In Fuse Holder be better than your ACT Fuse Holder, or the same?
The fuse holders work the same, the self-tapping might be easier if you are not comfortable with wiring items together. A 3 amp fuse would be fine.
Will they work for boats? Weather proof?
It will work on a boat. It is not submersible. It is merely splash-proof.
i want to tap a led strip lights in my headlight ,if i use the 3m self tapping do i need to put a fuse or not - by Carlos
Yep, might as well still use a fuse!
What guage wire is this made for? - by Mark (Dayton, Ohio)
The 3M Self Tapping In-Line Fuse Holder can be use on 18-14 gauge wires.
i just put the cathode light kit on my dodge charger in the front grill its all connected but there on all the time how do i get them to turn off? i was thinking they would turn off when the car was off and turn on when the car was turn on - by Pablo (dallas tx)
You need a switch to turn it on and off.
So i can use this instead of the ATC fuse holder and it will do the same thing? - by David
Yes, and yes.