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Q: how long will one 23A battery run your Marine High intensity Spotlight or the flood light? - by jeremy
A: It won't. This battery is way too small to power a light that uses so much power.
Q: How many feet of flexible lighting can the 23A batteries light up? And will they run the LED spot light? - by Kristen (Sacramento, CA)
A: Yes, they will run the Spotlight. The 23A battery can run multiple of lights but the longer the strand more drain on the battery.
Q: What is the mAh rating for these batteries?
A: Pack of 8 x AA size batteries provide about 2000 mAh
1 x 23A size battery provides about 50 mAh
1 x 27A size battery provides about 20 mAh
Q: Are these rechargeable? - by Taylor (Texas)
A: No