Oznium.com Super Alkaline Batteries - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

how long will one 23A battery run your Marine High intensity Spotlight or the flood light? - by Jeremy
It won't. This battery is way too small to power a light that uses so much power.
How many feet of flexible lighting can the 23A batteries light up? And will they run the LED spot light? - by Kristen (Sacramento, CA)
Yes, they will run the Spotlight. The 23A battery can run multiple of lights but the longer the strand more drain on the battery.
What is the mAh rating for these batteries?
Pack of 8 x AA size batteries provide about 2000 mAh
1 x 23A size battery provides about 50 mAh
1 x 27A size battery provides about 20 mAh
Are these rechargeable? - by Taylor (Texas)