This new version of our popular 11mm diameter LED Bolt offers two mounting methods:

1) Snap fit with spring loaded retaining clip
2) Nuts

With the Snap Fit feature, you can easily install the LED bolt in places where you can't access the back to screw on nuts. For example walls, floors, ceilings, decks, etc.

It is 1 watt, Cool White, with a Black Aluminum housing, and no lens (so a wide angle flood light beam).

Super easy to install, with 2 methods of installation:

1) Drill 12mm hole, and snap fit from the front. (Be careful when pushing into hole, don't press directly on the top of the bolt, that could damage the LEDs). Snap LED bolt into hole

2) Drill hole, and mount with nuts from the back: 11mm Secure LED Bolt with nut
For now we're just offering this LED bolt with a single color configuration, but if you'd like other colors, please let us know.