1.5W LED Eagle Eyes - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Are these dimmable and do these come with a threaded nut for recess mounting?
They are dimmable, no threaded nut is included with these.
Is it possible to order these with the wire coming straight from the back of the housing instead of down?
We can make modifications but there is a minimum order of 200 for custom orders.
Aside from the possible legal issues, would these be suitable for use on a strobing flasher - by Nate (Missouri)
Sure, go for it!
How big are they - by Joe (Gibsonia, PA)
As mentioned on the "Technical Info" tab:
25mm(Diameter) x 20mm(H)
Do these need a resistor like the pre-wired superflux 4-chip? if so, what size?
These hook up directly to your 12V system and thus do not need any external resistors.
By the way, the "pre-wired superflux 4-chip" is also setup to work on directly 12V.
Are these weatherproof or waterproof or indoor only? Thanks
Full waterproof and shockproof.
how does this compare brightness/lumens to High Intensity Flush Mount LED Bolt
and the pre-wired superflux 4-chip 12V LED
About double the brightness of the Flush Mount LED Bolt, and about 3 times the pre-wired superflux 4-chip 12V LED.