Premium Side View LED Bolt - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

How many watts are these?
.6 watts. .50 mA.
I will be using these for “raptor” lights on my suv, what size do you recommend?
I think you would be happier with the 11mm.
I want to use as footwell lights in my truck. 8mm or 11mm? And is the 180 beam pattern wide enough for one to cover each foot well?
Yes, the 8mm would work fine for foot wells.
I bought 4 large led bolts. I am going to use them as raptor lights for my 2015 tacoma. I am using a add a fuse. What size Fuze do I need to run the lights?
Each LED draws 50 mA @ 12vdc, so 4 LEDs will draw a total of 200 mA.
A 1 amp fuse will work fine.
I would like to purchase the amber side view bolts and use them as a turn signal lights on a custom motorcycle I'm building. Will they work for this application? Do I need to purchase anything else from you to make them blink?
you could connect the side view bolt to the turn signal circuit. No additional controller needed.
To install on my motorcycle with a 12 volt battery, I basically hook the red wire to my battery and attach the black ground wire to any metal? - by Davide (MTL canada)
Do you think there is enough metal on the thread body to have these turned and threaded down to an M6?

M6 is the most common license plate bolt size. I'm surprised these are M8 & M11. - by Mike (USA)
There probably is enough metal, but we can't say for certain, as we haven't tried it yet.
Any chance these could be dimmed for a car interior application?
Yes, of course! They can be dimmed with one of our LED Dimmers, or you could even use a simple resistor.
Can I use these as turn signal lights on my motorcycle?
Will they be bright enough? - by Dave (London,Ont,Canada)
Yes. Go for it! Many customers use our amber color side view LED bolts for auxiliary turn signal lighting.
Its hard to say whether they will be bright enough for your needs because brightness is a bit subjective.
How many amps does the motorcycle license plate LED's use for 1 bolt? Need to know what size fuse to use if I have 4 bolts hooked together? - by Raymond (Canton, NC)
20 mA
I am going to hook 4 up to my raptor grill and I'm going to wire all of them together. I am thinking of installing a switch so I can turn them off in the daytime. If I do add a switch will I need a relay and if so what size and kind? - by Raymond (Canton NC)
No relay needed, just wire the hot leads and ground leads together, then wire that to the switch.
I want to wire 6 of these (3 on each side) on the back side of my cutout fender flares to the tail lights. I know I should run a resistor but do you recommend doing. I also want to do these on the front fenders but not sure how many I want to add.
These are prewired with a resistor, add an inline fuse to protect them. For the front fenders the quantity is dependent on how much light you want, that is a personal choice.
Can I wire the LED to a basic car battery without any additional products? - by michael (Hazleton)
Yes. You may want to use a fuse, although you don't have to.
My vehicle uses a 24v system. Do I need a resistor? I am only going to use two LEDs. - by Ira (United States)
If you hook them up to 12v, you don't need a resistor.

If you hook them up to 24v, you will need a resistor. Although since you're using two on a 24v system, you can simply wire them in series and avoid having to use a resistor.
What kind of resistor is used for this LED? And is it included in the wiring?
A standard carbon film resistor is already installed inside of the bolt.
This LED is designed to be powered directly by any 12 volt DC source.
Is it possible to cut the thred bolt down in order to get underside clearence or are the wires moulded into the thread? - by David (Motherwell, Scotland)
Its certainly possible, if you're careful.
Or if you need 100's then we'll be happy to custom make them with a different length.
Do you include the nut along with each bolt? - by Alec (Boise Idaho)
Yes, we include two nuts, and a snap-fit spring. You can either use the nuts, or the snap-fit spring.
Is the bolt plastic or metal? - by Jeff (California)
All of our side view LED bolts are made with durable aluminum (metal).
I have a single power wire coming into my license plate that I'd like to illuminate with two LED Bolts. Will this product wire up correctly in a single wire application? If not do you have a way to make it work or do you have another product that would work?
Assuming the single wire you're referring to is positive, just hook up the red wire from this to that wire.
Then hook up the black wire from this to any ground/metal part. It will then light up.
How long are the leads/wires on the LED bolts? - by Calvin (Kirkwood, PA)
1 meter (3.3 feet)