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Side View LED Bolt
Side View LED Bolt
Q: Any chance you these could be dimmed for a car interior application?
A: Yes, of course! They can be dimmed with one of our LED Dimmers, or you could even use a simple resistor.
Q: I have 2 questions. First is the blue color the same as the flush mount bolts? How do they compare in light output to the 6mm flush mount? - by wes (florida)
A: The colors match, intensity is the same.
Q: How much current do these pull? (How many could i put on a single line with your 5amp power supply?)
A: 20 mA
Thus you cold put 250 on a 5 amp power supply.
Q: could these be used as signal lights on a motorcycle? - by Dave (London,Ont,Canada)
A: Don't see why not.
Q: What is the color temperature of the cool white version? What is the light output in Lm of the cool white version?
A: We haven't tested for that but a guess would be 18 lumens and 12,000 K.
Q: I want to wire 6 of these (3 on each side) on the back side of my cutout fender flares to the tail lights. I know I should run a resistor but do you recommend doing. I also want to do these on the front fenders but not sure how many I want to add.
A: These are prewired with a resistor, add an inline fuse to protect them. For the front fenders the quantity is dependent on how much light you want, that is a personal choice.
Q: My vehicle is a 24v system, how will these hold up to that or can you recommend a resistor for me to use with the system? I am only going to run two of them but i might wire it with some other LEDs. - by Ira (United States)
A: If you're wiring two, why not just wire them in series?
Q: Is it possible to cut the thred bolt down in order to get underside clearence or are the wires moulded into the thread?
- by David (Motherwell, Scotland)
A: Its certainly possible, if you're careful.
Or if you need 100's then we'll be happy to custom make them with a different length.
Q: What is the housing made out of and will they rust? - by Freddie (Cool Ridge, WV)
A: Aluminum, they will not rust.
Q: How long are the leads/wires on the LED bolts? - by Calvin (Kirkwood, PA)
A: 30 cm / 12 inches
Q: Are these metric or SAE threads? 5/16"? M8 x 1.25? - by Calvin (Kirkwood, PA)
A: Metric M8x1.25
Q: What is the measurement from the bottom of the threads to the bottom of the bolt head, also the measurement from the top of the threads to the top on the bolt head? Thank you. - by Jon (Seattle WA)