You're looking at the worlds smallest wireless LED controller.

Its a sleek wireless smartphone LED controller using the latest Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology. It uses low energy, but gives you a very stable connection.
Control 3 different single colors or 1 RGB light source.

Can the smartphone control more than 1 light box at the same time?
YES! You can connect an unlimited number of LightBox devices and control them with just a single smartphone (or multiple phones).

What can I control?
You can control brightness, color, and the smooth fade duration.

♦ You can change the color by using the Color Wheel or quickly press the default color buttons ♦

Compatible Devices:
Now: iPhone 4s and newer, iPad3, iPad mini, iPod 5 and newer (iOS 7), Android (4.3 and newer) with Bluetooth Low Energy

Perfect for any RGB strips, LED lighting fixtures, or even single color LED light sources.