You're looking at the world's smallest Bluetooth LED controller.

LightBox RGBW Bluetooth Controller v4 is a wireless smartphone LED controller using the latest Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology. Its sleek and "out of the way" design, meaning it can be installed in a small space and easily hidden. With the BleBox app, you can choose from an almost infinite number of colors and effects directly from your phone. It consumes very small energy (<1W) but can give you a very stable connection.

Product Features:

✅ User-friendly smartphone apps
✅ Worlds smallest Bluetooth LED controller
✅ Simple installation
✅ Functional: You can install it practically anywhere
✅ Control lighting without using switches

Suggested Applications:

✅ Home Lighting
✅ Commercial Lighting
✅ Car and Motorbike Lighting
✅ Boat Lighting


✅ 1 x RGBW LED Light, OR
✅ 4 different single colors LED Lights

Can the smartphone control more than 1 light box at the same time?

YES! You can connect multiple LightBoxes and control them with a single smartphone. However due to the Bluetooth limitations, a LightBox cannot be simultaneously controlled by more than one phone.

What function can I control the LEDs with the LightBox?

You can control brightness, color, and the smooth fade duration. As well as you can change the color by using the color wheel or quickly press the default color buttons

Compatible Devices:

Minimum Apple iPhone 4s, iPad 3, iPad Mini, Android 4.3 with Bluetooth 4.0 LE

Download the apps: iPhone & Android

User guide / Manual: Download PDF