LightBox RGBW Bluetooth Controller v4 - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Can this be used to create a knight rider scanner bar?
That controller has fade and flashing options but not the back and forth movement. You could use this bar which has lots of different patterns: https://www.oznium.com/accent-lighting/tunable-million-color-led-strip
How is this unit connected to the Pre-Wired Thin Ribbon Waterproof LEDs strips that are 2pin or 4pin plug and play?
The ribbon strip will have a piece with four wires coming out of the end, these wires will connect directly to the controller via the screen down ports. Here is a link to the wiring diagram: https://e6960098ef1617903b5d-a80c747d8d9df12f4e1ef66b12f9c948.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/images/OZ_lightBox2.pdf
Can it be used in conjunction with a dimmer, or only a binary switch?
Could you please share with us more details about the binary switch you want to use? A spec or link would help.
Does this unit only do fades or can you have it turn on and stay one color? For instance I want to use it on my boat for lighting when fishing at night so Id like to be able to run red or blue and have it just stay that color. But still have the option of white or other colors when back at the marina. - by Jeremy
You can easily have it turn on and stay one color.
Does the App control power to the lights (on/off) or just color and pattern? If the former, If installing this in a vehicle application, can the LED strips be controlled independently from the app? IE - Can they be turned on either by the app or a switch? - by Jeff
The App can also turn the lights on/off.
If you want to be able to control the lights from both the App and a physical switch, its certainly possible.
Or you could control it all from just the App.
The unit says 24v +- will it run off 12v or is a step up required? - by John (Texas)
It will run on 12v just fine.
How secure is the control of my lights? Is there a changeable password? Or can anybody in range with the app take control of my lights? - by Henry (California)
Anybody in range can take control of your lights.
They of course need to first know you have the lights, then they need to download a specific app for controlling the LightBox.
If you're concerned about malicious takeover's, consider installing a simple on/off switch to selectively cut power to the unit.
What size power supply does it require? I notice it indicates it has an 8A output. None of the diagrams show it using an independent power supply when I imagine it does. - by Henry
The size of the power supply depends on how many leds you are using.
On Android, its asking for a pairing code. Have tried 0000 and 1234 with no luck.
There is no pairing code needed. Older versions of Android have a bug which may cause this problem.
Please try upgrading to Android version 4.3 minimum.
4.4 works much better, so if possible 4.4 is recommended.
You may also try un-installing, and re-installing the app.
How waterproof is this? - by Jordan (Kenosha, WI)
Except for the green connector, its fully waterproof.
Is the Lightbox controller compatible with RGB COB LED Halos? Can I power 2 of these halos with 1 controller? - by Wes
Yes and yes.
Is it a common positive controler?
Can one of these units drive two 5m RGB strips in parallel? I'm having difficulty in determining the current draw of the individual strips...
The controller can handle up to 8 amps, one 16 ft ribbon strip is around 1 amp.
Does it retain memory of the last setting? - by Trevor (Mansfield, TX)
Is there any warranty period? - by Trevor (Mansfield, TX)
One year.
Where can the app be downloaded?
Direct link to download from the App stores:
iPhone & Android
Can you ship it to Russia?