Music & Flash Interface - Control your LEDs or cathodes by sound - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

How do I wire this to leds - by Eric
There's 3 sets of wires coming out:

Power source:
1) red/black without white connectors - hook these two wires up to your 12v power source

To LEDs:
2) red/black with a white connector - hook these up to your 12v LEDs
3) red/black with a white connector - hook these up to your 12v LEDs (optional)
Can you hook up cathodes and LEDs to it?
It seems like my "Music & Flash Interface" stopped working after a week. It only works for the "on" position now. I'm not sure why, but I had put it nice and snug in a cubby hole. Could it be that it was not getting enough ventilation? Would that be the outcome if it overheated? - by Solon (Brooklyn Center, MN)
Sorry, don't really know what would cause that.
Is there a way to make the "Music & Flash Interface" less sensitive to sound. I have it set to lowest setting and it still is too sensitive. Are there any tricks to making it less sensitive? Or is there a better device to use? - by Solon (Brooklyn Center, MN)
Many people have had success with wrapping it with a combination of tape and foam.
How fast is the normal flashing without music?
We have a video showing how fast it is. It's about a medium pace.
If I am correct, the music and flash interface switches the 12 volts off and on.will this rapid switching reduce the life span of the transformers or cold tubes? Will it affect the life of led's?
It will not hurt the leds
I have 2 sets of 10 LED's I want this to control. Would using one of these be possible and if so how would I wire that?
I'm not sure what you mean by control? The Music and Flash Interface will certainly make them flash with the music and flash independently.
does 1 amp = 1000 mA ? and is "A" the abbreviation of amp? - by Paul (Tempe, AZ)
Yes and yes.
which AC Adapter should i order the AC Adapter 2 amp or AC Adapter 3.25 Amp or AC Adapter 5 Amp i have a 2002 Pontiac Grand prix gtp supercharger please help i have all the other stuff but this? - by Tedrick (Woodridge, IL)
An AC Adapter is for home/commercial applications. Since your car is already 12v, you don't need any AC Adatper.
Can i hook up the music interface to any subwoofer or is there only specific types? If there is a specific type, can you direct me to one?
This is not designed to be "hooked up" to any subwoofers at all. It has a built-in microphone.
How many output channels does this have? From the link earlier in the questions (http://www.oznium.com/power-adapters
) it appears there are two. If so, when set to flash does it flash channel A then A, or AB at the same time? - by Bob (Kirkland, WA)
Two channels. With a wig-wag effect.
What are the Dimensions of the unit? - by Chris (Douglas, MA)
2-7/8 w x 1-1/4 h x 6/8 d
I noticed a comment above asked about the bass. So is there or is there not a way to set it so that it flashes with just low tones, such as bass? I thought you could control that...
Also, how would a changing color LED, such as the RGB LEDs work with this? Would they flash as well as change colors?
This is a very basic controller, and there is no way to control the frequency range.

This will flash a single channel. It doesn't really make sense to hook this up to an RGB LED, but you could if you wanted to. You could have it flash a single color of the LED. Or you could hook up all 4 wires from the LED to this and it would flash all colors of the LED at the same time (essentially white).

If you're looking for a more advanced controller, please check out this one: wLightBox RGBW Controller (it lets you control the frequency range, and of course it is a million color controller too.)
Is there a way that I can hook up one of your relays to the music interface circuit, so that I would be able to hook up a lot more cathode sets to the circuit without having it blow?? (I would probably tap one of the outputs from the Music interface before the transformer for the relay.) Would I still get the desired "flickering" effect?? - by Bryan (Twin Cities, MN)
Yes you could certainly do this, but the relay would make a ton of clicking noise every time it flashed.
I have the controller up by the front seat. If I cut out the mic and extend the + and - wires to run the mic to my subs in the back, would that cause any problems? - by Dan (Greenville, SC)
You wouldn't be able to cut out the mic from the M&F Interface.
How many LED strips can this handle at once without making any changes to the device itself?
It depends on the size of the strip, really.
Can this music interface possibly control four 10" Piranha bars?
So if I was going to wire my music interface to two strands of led lights would I just snip off the connectors and run one of the red cables to one of the positive of the leds and ground the other? - by Randall (Martinez CA)
Yes, just cut off the white connector and use the red and black wires as your positive and negative.
i want to wire the cathodes in my footwells in the front and my cathodes in the trunk on the same sound module is there a way to extend the wires? - by john (Merrick, NY)
You can certainly extend the red and black power wires. You shouldn't extend the white wires.
could i hook this up to any neon light in my car
can I use this controler and cut a Piranha Bar in 1/2 and use the wire from each end of the Piranha Bar to wire it to this so the sound box controls the Piranha Bars 2 1/2's? - by Mike (Sarasota, FL)
A very creative way and it will work just fine.
I have 2 cathode kits, and 2 more cathodes of their own transformer, equalling to 4 transformers and 6 cathodes, if i managed to splice the wires right, would this be to much power for the interface? - by Eddie (Michigan)
6 cathodes will pull 4.2 Amps and the music interface is designed to power up to 2 amps.
this led controller fuctioning only with yours led's strips or can install generic (other company)led's strips, need a special plug or something? thanks - by jonathan (puerto rico)
We can not be sure they will work with other LEDs. No special plug needed!
how many pre-wired led's can i hook up to one msic interface?
and can i just give the power to the interface from the fuse box? - by Alan (Porter ranch, Ca)
Depends on the LEDS used.
Hello, im getting 8 cathode kits, thats how much i need.lol, but for this Music/Flash interface will this be all that i need? or do i need a transformer also. and will i only need one music/flash interface? - by Omar (California)
One Music/Flash interface will be sufficient to power all of those cathodes!
i was wondering how do i connect the two wires (+/-) of the LED strip to the music interface? i saw the wiring diagram above (for cathodes) but how do you ground the LED properly? tell me if i'm wrong....crimp the positive and negative wires together and plug them into the music interface via a wiring connector? is it ok to power up the music interface by tapping into my fuse box? if so, how big the fuse should i use?

You'd cut the connector off of the red and black set of wires going from the interface to the cathode transformer, and connect the positive and negative wires of the LED strip to the appropriate wire there.

Yes, you can tap into your fuse box to power the interface. You'd only need a ~3 amp fuse for it.
I stumbled upon this while looking for LEDs for my Instrument amplifier. And was wondering if you had(or know of) a product which includes RGB color mixing via dB levels of Bass-Mid-Treble?
for example: Bass(Db)=reds, mid(dB)=Green,Treble(dB)-Blue
I would hope that someone has thought of this already.
if so, could I be pointed in the right direction?
Never heard of such a product before. If it exists, we haven't seen it yet.
i bought four of these music interface and was wondering if you had any tips to make my 8 flex leds hooked up to them be more in sync with each other - by John (Seattle, WA)
They won't be in sync unless you put them all on the same controller.
Transformers are not included right? And on the diagram, can i attach a couple of led on each side and it will beat to the music? And how many led can i attach? for example blue led - by Henry (Wadsworth, IL)
Transformers are not included. You can attach LEDs. It depends on which type of LED, because different types of LEDs draw different current. This powers up to 2 amps.
What if I wanted to hook this up so that its power source would be taken from a wall outlet, how could I do this? - by Ryan
Purchase a 110v to 12v DC power adapter like the ones Here, and wire it up accordingly. Please note that our smaller power adapters are currently out of stock.
how can i hook up my leds directly to the sound source? i bought one of these and i didnt like the how the music at high volume levels made it barely flicker, not really do anything visual.
There is not enough voltage coming through audio cables to power LED's correctly.
I hooked it up to a pair of cathodes and after working properly for 5 mins to the music it suddenly stopped then when i checked it, the 3 amp fuse blew and the music controller smelt like the circuit burnt. Now the music interface doesn't work but the lights still come on. What could have caused this? is the fuse rating too low? - by Javere (Hollywood, FL)
Please take a look at our Music
Exactly how long are the wires? I'd like to mount this in the trunk so it only picks up bass. Do cathode transformers and cathode tubes come with? - by Wesley (Virginia)
The wires are about a foot long, but you can easily extend them. Cathodes and transformers are sold separately.
Does it work with the LED strips for just flashing the lights. - by Rob (Philly)
What sound frequencies is this unit most sensitive to? This will dictate where i mount it (and if i need to use any sound insulation to tune out specific frequencies)
I don't have any data, but from experience, it responds more to high frequencies.
would this be able to hook up to a strand of christmas lights? they dont say an exact ampage but it the plug holds a fuse of a max of 3amps. and they're 43.2 watts. - by Nick (Wisconsin)
You could try it. Just make sure the lights are 12 volts.
If i hooked up 3 cathode kits would this not work or is two just to be safe?
Three cathode kits is right on the borderline of how much power the controller can handle. This can handle 2 amps - three cathode kits is 2.1 amps. So it's close.

Also, the wiring built-in to the controller already has the power plugs for two transformers - you'd have to splice in the third.

Our guess is it should work ok, but it is not guaranteed, and if it fries the controller, we can't warranty it.
Could the wires that go to the transformers be extended? - by Michael (Olathe)
Yes. Low voltage, DC (Direct Current) wires can be extended.
so this can control up to 4 cathodes and when the vibration is set on does the cathodes go with the bass or any noise in general - by Bobby
This can control up to 4 cathodes tubes (2 cathode kits)

Any noise in general.
Some of these reviews say that these and the cathodes had problems. Are there any warranties in case something breaks or doesn't work? - by Eric
365 days. If you're not happy for whatever reason, send it back and ask for a full refund.
How do I wire this? - by Eric